My Shoe Obsession: Frye

You know when you want something it just kind of lives in the back of your head all day, every day? Well, I’m RIGHT THERE with a pair of boots. And have been for quite a while.

In fact, I’ve been drooling over Frye boots from afar for a couple years now. I’ve even had this pair pinned on my Pinterest board for 2 years. I didn’t even realize I HAD Pinterest for 2 years…

With cooler weather finally coming to Maryland, my boot obsession has reawakened with a vengeance.

I stopped by Nordstrom Rack last week and made the mistake of putting a pair of $350 boots on my feet. I walked around in those shoes for probably a half hour, planning out outfits that would showcase them for the rest of the year. I had tears in my eyes just anticipating the moment that I would have to take them back off. When the moment finally came, I pulled them from my feet to pet them one last time before turning my back and running away.

Obviously I’m not going to spend $350 on a pair of shoes. {Which I’m pretty sure gives you all the proof you need to show that I’m not a REAL style blogger…}

I’m not even going to spend $250 on a pair of shoes. To be honest, $150 even seems like too much for a pair of SHOES. I’ve been checking ebay like a fiend, ‘watching’ every pair that I like. I’ve searched for Fry boots, Fry boot, vintage Frye boots, and more. Unfortunately, it is pretty much impossible to find what I want for less than $150ish.

Here are a few of my favorites. {Don’t let the prices fool  you, most of them don’t have any bids yet. As soon as people start bidding the prices just go up and up and up.}

Frye boots 1

Frye boots 2

Frye boots 3

frye boots 4

Oooh, they’re SO SASSY and I want them SO BAD!

It’s such a dumb obsession though. I mean, they are BOOTS. Expensive boots. Sure, they are gorgeous and well made… but they are boots.

With the holidays coming, I just don’t have the money to be splurging on a pair of expensive shoes. I like paying off my Visa too much. And frankly, even if I did have a bunch of cash just sitting around wanting to be spent, I would probably choose to spend it on something for the family instead.

Part of me – a selfish little part of me – really wishes I could just treat myself though. So, when I wander into Nordstrom Rack I do a little browsing. And when I’m online, I stop by eBay and click around a little. If I could just find what I want for less than $100, I’d snap them up in an instant!

I am holding out one hope though… I’m going to Austin, Texas for a business trip in a couple of weeks and it only seems to make sense that there will be lots of perfectly worn boots sitting around in the thrift stores just waiting for me to snap them up! Right? Right?!

Do you find yourself obsessed with silly stuff like boots? Do you own a pair of Frye boots? Any tips for finding an awesome deal?

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8 thoughts on “My Shoe Obsession: Frye”

  1. Ah the good ole Frye Engineer boot. Love them. Had a pair for years but they finally died.

    Frye boots, are like Apple products, stuff from Tiffany’s, UGGs and pretty much any “designer” products. They just doesn’t go on sale. You can try thrift shops or outlet malls but it’s hit and miss. I wouldn’t expect Texas to have anymore Frye boots than anywhere else. If anything I’d guess less because down there they have such a huge selection of cowboy boot retailers with brands we’ve probably never heard of.

    1. I did a bit of research and apparently Frye boots are NOT cool in Texas because they aren’t “real” cowboy boots. So maybe I’ll get lucky… 😉

  2. I got a pair of Frye boots for Christmas – the Engineer 12R and I don’t love them. I totally hoped I would but they hurt my feet badly. I’m a bit heartbroken because they look so good with skirts and tights, hoping some stretching and insoles help. I spent about $160 for them new – Amazon had a Black Friday deal. The deals are out there, just keep looking!!!!!!

      1. But they’re so cute! That’s like saying you should sell your kid because labor hurt. (Obviously coming from someone without kids!)

  3. So here’s the thing.

    I’m a total cheap friggin’ Polack.

    And I’ll spend $100-$200 for good boots. because 1. Winter is FLIPPIN COLD. and 2. The pricier options tend to last longer.

    1. I totally agree that you get what you pay for when it comes to shoes (and purses). And I’m totally cool with paying $100 for a pair of really well made boots, it’s $200 – 300 that just kills me!

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