Get your Fingers off my Cookies

Last night I did one of those quick runs to the grocery store. I desperately needed to pick up a few things, so instead of driving out of my way to go to my normal store, I stopped at one I had never visited.  I immediately regretted it though because I’m pretty sure it took me six times longer to find what I was looking for.

Anyways, I quickly threw together a mini cart of groceries* and headed towards the checkout. The vaguely odd cashier kid started ringing up my groceries as I threw them on the conveyer belt like I was competing in some kind of de-carting contest.

cookiesAbout halfway through my order, the cashier holds up my container of cookies and brings to my attention that the cellophane lid has been broken.

Cashier: “Ma’am, your cookie package is open.”

Me: “OOOH. Thanks! I’ll just go and grab another package.”

Cashier: {pulls a cookie out of the package} “Do you want one?”

Me: “Nooo. Thank you.”

Cashier: {pokes his fingers through the packaging and strokes the cookies} “I’m sure they’re fine.”

Me: {dumbfounded that he is fondling my cookies} “Umm…. Yeah. I’m going to grab another package.”

Cashier: {continues rubbing his fingers on every single cookie in the package} “I’m sure they’re okay, nobody would have touched them so there are probably no germs on them.”

Me: {Stares at him to see if he’s messing with me but he’s totally serious. I then trot quickly to grab another package of cookies.}

So yes, I was that person who ran though the store to grab a replacement package of cookies. When I returned, it was as if the cashier thought I was some sort of germ-a-phobe and he made a comment about how it was good that I had gotten a replacement package because I wouldn’t want any of the horrible germs that are out in the world.

I pretty much just ignored him and went on my way, but when I was in the car I got to thinking… did I overreact? Would YOU have purchased a box of cookies that were fondled by your cashier? Or maybe you would have just said to take them off your order and not worried about replacing them?


*That’s right, I was living large with a MINI cart because I was child-free. Do you have any idea how awesome it is to shop with a mini cart after using one of those super-sized carts with a car glued to the front of them??!

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