Color Running (Kinda)

jackI had mentioned a while ago that I was super excited to do the Baltimore Color Run 5k. I wanted to do the one they held in DC last year, but it was so incredibly popular that it sold out before I could make up my mind to commit. As soon as the Baltimore run registration opened, I jumped on it like a rabid monkey and signed up.

Fast forward a few months and add in a few germs…

Yeah, that’s right. After months of healthiness in my house, everyone got sick. First Travis fell with the full-on “man sick” version of a cold (sorry honey, but you know it’s true and I love you anyway). Then, I came down with a sneezy nose and scratchy throat. As the cherry on top of our sicky party, Jack got the boogery nose that I had been dreading.

Why had I been dreading it? Well, EVERY SINGLE TIME Jack has come down with a cold he’s ended up with croup. Or bronchiolitis. Or RSV. Or all three. So I was sleeping with one eye open waiting for that tell-tale cough to send us all back to the ER again.

Imagine my surprise (and happy dance) when he got through this sickness with JUST a cold. YAY! NO CROUP! NO ER!

We weren’t really sure what to expect when he woke up on Saturday morning though, so I made an executive decision and decided that we would not do our 9:00 am race.

{sad trombone}

BUT, he woke up and was feeling much better so we decided to go and crash the 2:00 race time!

{Happy trombone! Wait, is there such thing as a happy trombone?}

My brother (Jason) and one sister (Kelsey)* both ran the 9:00 race and stuck around for us to join them at 2:00. So pretty much the majority of the pictures in this post are from Kelsey’s phone. Mine was safe inside a plastic baggy, which means all my pictures were blurry…

When we got there, it was a lot hotter than I had thought it would be which is why Jack is practicing his redneck look of wearing JUST a pair of rolled up sweatpants. We didn’t end up running the run, since we were feeling like poo from our colds (and um…lazy) but we had a great time walking it!

before run
Me, Travis and Jack… before the run (um… walk)
Jason and Kelsey after their run.
Jason and Kelsey after their run.
jack after
Jack after the run — with orange feet.
blurry t
This is how almost all my pictures turned out…
Our only “after” shot — I swear, I had color on me!
Kelsey at the after-party!
Jason at the after-party. And yes, his throat hurt like crazy the next day!

OH and in case you are concerned that I took my sick child through those clouds of colorful powder. I’m not an idiot. I threw the rain cover down over the stroller when we went through each color station and we totally avoided the after-party.

Have you done a Color Run? Does it look really awesome to you or like your own version of hell?

* FYI, I have another sister too (Kelsey and Katie are twins) that wasn’t able to come because she was doing an ACTUAL competitive run for her college that day.

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