Reviewing FabFitFun: The Summer 2019 Box Reveal

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this summer box FOREVER and it is finally here. This is my last box on my current annual FabFitFun subscription, so this will help me make my decision on whether I keep my subscription for another year or go head and hit the cancel button.

Before we get into the goodies, here is a quick overview of FabFitFun:

  • Boxes come on a quarterly basis and cost $49.99 each. To upgrade to a ‘select member’ you just pay for a year at once (rather than quarterly), it’s usually a little cheaper and it gives you the chance to make some choices on options.
  • You can find links to all of my previous FabFitFun box reviews here.

Here’s my Summer 2019 box:

This box had a bunch of customizable options where annual members could pick and choose what they wanted, so most of this box reflects my choices. Unfortunately, in a few of the choice options all the possibilities were kinda bad… so I went with the one I disliked the least.

Choice Item 1: Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream & Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Gel, retail $45

For this choice, I picked between a travel blow dryer, beach towel, kimono and the creams I picked. I thought the choices were very diverse, but also kind of boring as we have received a similar beach towel and kimono in previous boxes. I went with the Bum Bum cream because I’ve heard a ton of people raving about it over the years.

This all-over body cream is supposed to “help tighten and smooth all over” so we’ll see. I’ve heard that people either love or hate the scent and I gave it a sniff and luckily loved it. Unfortunately, while it smells amazing its not actually very moisturizing — it just kind of goes on super thin and then soaks right in without making of my bits or pieces any softer. Or smoother. Lame.

Choice Item 2: West Elm Tie Dye Bowls, retail $39

Options for choice #2 were: 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment masks, a Summer & Rose cotton tote, a felt letter board or the West Elm bowls. Really not impressed with these choices and the bowls were pretty, so I went with them. The bowls are dishwasher, microwave and food safe, so I’ll be adding them to my cabinets to use as ice cream, dip, soup or snack bowls. They may not be exciting, but at least they are useful and pretty!

Choice Item 3: Burn 60 Resistance Bands, retail $34

For choice #3, I picked between the resistance bands, a star double necklace, or silicone wine glasses. Considering both the necklace and wine glasses looked super cheap, I went with the resistance band. If I could have picked nothing, I would have gone with that option. I’ve never used resistance bands before, so I’ll stick them with my home hand weights and basically never bother to open the box.

Choice 4: Eyeko London Eye Do Black Liquid Liner, retail $22

For this choice, I picked between the liquid eye liner and a hair styling cream. I went with the liner because I do currently use a liquid liner. However, I use a smoky brown and this is black… so I’m not sure if it will end up working for me. I have a better chance at trying it than the styling cream though… but my overall feeling on choice 4 is “eh”.

Choice 5: Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm, retail $30

For choice #5 my options were: the healing balm, Coola SPF, or micro polish exfoliate. I previously used and really disliked the Coola SPF and have plenty of exfoliators, so I went with the healing balm. It is supposed to sooth and heal dry or damaged skin and you can use it on burns, scrapes, post-procedure skin and more. It basically feels like a super thick Vaseline or Aquifer. I’ll keep this around for any ouchies.

Item 6: Invisibobble Original Duo Pack, retail $16

All box subscribers received these ponytail holders in their Summer box and I have to say… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! These are absolute crap that I wouldn’t buy at the dollar store and they put the retail value at $16… I get that 80’s and 90’s fashion is having a comeback, but I’m a grown woman and won’t be putting plastic telephone cords in my hair. Blegh. I’m also snickering that the booklet describes these as “a revolutionary hair tool”. Yeah, really revolutionary.

Item 7: Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask, retail $39

I love a good face mask and this one claims to rejuvenate dull skin and boost hydration. I’m very happy with this item and will be adding it to my mask stash.

Item 8: Grace & Stela Spray All Day Rose Facial Spray, retail $25.95

I’m a little confused by this spray. It says to use it as a mid-day refresher for your face either over or under makeup. So, you’re just supposed to spray this water on your face? Is this a rich people thing?

I gave it a try and honestly it smells like a grandma. And not a cool Mimi kind of grandma, more like a stinky grandma that pinches your cheeks and doesn’t share her butterscotch candies. Also the water comes out of the sprayer a little aggressively, so it certainly isn’t giving me much of a mist effect. It’s more like a WAKE UP AND HELP ME FIGURE OUT THIS CONFUSING TELEVISION REMOTE squirt to the face. This one will be going into the pass-it-on box.

Item 9: Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask, retail $32

Normally I would scoff at a foot mask, but to be honest I got a glimpse of my heels yesterday and this is actually going to be used ASAP on my feet. It is supposed to exfoliate and polish for your softest feet ever. The directions say to spread it on your feet at bed time, let it dry, (probably put some socks on) and then in the morning you will have softer feet. Guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight.

Overall Thoughts

This box was pretty terrible. Sorry, was that too honest? The claimed retail value totaled at $283 and I don’t feel like anything was worth near the retail value. I like the West Elm bowls and will be trying the face mask and the foot exfoliate. But that’s about it. There is no excitement and nothing that great in the box at all. Such a bummer. However, it DOES make it really easy for me to make the decision to cancel my FabFitFun subscription. I’ll be sticking with Causebox and letting this subscription go.

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Reviewing FabFitFun: The Spring 2019 Box Reveal

This is the week of my quarterly box reveals! I received both my FabFitFun box AND my Causebox, so I can’t wait to show you all what is inside. I’ll post the Causebox review later this week, but let’s get started with FabFitFun!

Before we get into the goodies, here is a quick overview of FabFitFun:

Here’s my Spring 2019 box:

I love that the boxes are always so pretty and I use them to organize things all over my house (especially my closet and office)!

Let’s look inside:

Daily Concepts Daily Detox Brush, retail $18

This brush is supposed to exfoliate layers of dead skin and stimulate circulation with the natural bristles and massaging nodules. With summer coming, this is perfect timing to start exfoliating away my winter dryness. I tried doing some small circles on my dry legs and it felt really nice!

Manna Kadar Champagne Charcoal Body Scrub, retail $34.95

Here is another scrub-type item… this one is formulated with charcoal and dead sea minerals. Between this and the brush, I’ll have skin like a newborn baby!

OUAI Leave In Conditioner, retail $26

I use a leave in conditioner every time I wash my hair, so I’m happy to give this one a try. It is supposed to help with detangling and also heat protection, so I’m hoping it works for my knotty color-treated tresses.

Show Me Your Mumu Brie Robe, retail $84

This pretty floral print robe has a removable belt and a high-low hem. I’ve seen Show Me Your Mumu stuff before and I typically love their designs. This robe is super pretty and can be worn as a kimono over a cute outfit or as a robe around the house. For me, this seems like the perfect little robe to pack for an upcoming vacation. Like, maybe to Hawaii…

The2Bandits Athens Necklace, retail $30

This opal and silver necklace is very simple and pretty. I’ve gotten out of habit of wearing necklaces (I’m more of a bracelet girl), so I’ll either give this one a try or pass it on to one of my sisters.

Dr.Brandt Skincare Needles No More NO MORE BAGGAGE Eye De-Puffing Gel, $24

I’ve used Dr. Brandt products before (mostly the exfoliating face scrubs) and have really liked them. I’ve heard good things about this de-puffing gel, so I’m excited to give it a try. With allergy season coming, I can use all the under-eye help I can get!

Quay My Girl Sunglasses, retail $55

I had to include a photo, so you get one of me by the window in my home office (and I’m totally wearing my pajamas…). I love a good oversized sunglasses frame and bonus points for the cat-eye look! These are really cute and seem to be made very well. I wear sunglasses ALL THE TIME, so these will be a great addition to my collection!

Palmetto Derma Double B Facial Oil, retail $48

Black Currant, Evening Primrose, and Grape Seed oils deliver the super powers of antioxidants that fight free radical damage, brighten the complexion, and soothe irritation. This oil is to be used after serum and moisturizer, but before daily sun protection. I think I’ll try this one at night to see how it works!

Overall Thoughts

After not really liking the last two FabFitFun boxes, this one was a pleasant surprise. I really like the big-ticket item of the robe in this box and it will certainly get used. I’m also excited about pretty much every single product in the spring box. The total retail value of my spring box is $319.95, which is pretty great! I have one more box – the Summer 2019 box – on my subscription before I have to decide whether to renew or cancel.

What is your favorite item from the Spring FabFitFun box?

Do you want to try out the FabFitFun box? I have a special code that will give you $10 off your first box, just use this link.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored review.

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Reviewing FabFitFun: The Winter 2018 Box Reveal

I just received my Winter FabFitFun box, which means it’s box reveal time!

Before we get into the goodies, here is a quick overview of FabFitFun:

Here’s my Winter 2018 box:

I always love the designs of the boxes and use them for storage throughout my house. This one will be great to add to my collection!

Let’s look inside:

Mark & Graham Color Block Throw, retail $49

As a select member, I was able to pick between the gray/ivory or the natural/ivory versions of this throw and I went with natural/ivory. To be honest, this blanket is NOT worth the $49 retail value. The weave already has pulls in it and all I’ve done is opened the blanket. We do use ‘snuggle blankets’ around our house year-round, so I’ll stick this one in rotation until it falls apart. Which may be in about a week.

Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask, retail $49

This hair mask is made for intense care for dry and damaged hair. I think this will be great for the winter, when my hair gets so dry and full of static. I’ve used (and liked) Moroccan products before, so I’m looking forward to trying this out.

Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener in “Stella”, retail $24

This highlighting stick is said to “highlight and brighten” your eyes, so that’s cool. I don’t currently use any highlighting anything on my face… so this will be fun to try.

Ahava Hydration Cream Mask, retail $33

I try to stick with “Mask Monday’s”where I treat my skin once a week with a face mask. I’ve always enjoyed the masks sent by FabFitFun, so I’m happy to add this mask to my stash.

BLAQ Hydrogel Eye Mask with Hyaluronic Acid, retail $29

This is an activated charcoal eye mask that is to be used to de-puff and detox your eye area. This little kit contains 5 eye masks, so I’ll certainly be trying them out soon. Love that this was added to the box, because I’ve never tried this brand.

Anthropologie x Mer-Sea & Co Whip Body Cream in “Coconut Sugar”, retail $24

Love lotion. Love the smell. Do I need another lotion? Probably not… but this will be used eventually.

H Halston Jewelry Portfolio, retail $48

I had a few choices to pick from and decided to go with the jewelry portfolio. I currently have a bunch of necklaces just jumbled together on hooks in my bedroom and I think this might be just what I need for packing away those that I don’t wear very often.

Richer Poorer Reina Over the Knee Textured Sock, retail $24

I am super excited about these over-the-knee socks and I wish I had gotten more than one pair! I think these will be great for during the winter when I want to go with bare legs… but not freeze my butt off. I can stick these on with boots to get into work and then take them off and switch to flats for the workday. I think I’m going to love these and will soon be on the hunt for more!

Chic & Tonic I’ll Coast to That! 4-Piece Coaster Set, retail $18

Okay, are you going to say it or do I have to? These look like nipples. And now that I said that, you can’t NOT see the nipples, right?! These are slices of wood with maybe a super light coat of polyurethane.I would like them if they weren’t so nipply. So, I’m thinking I’ll give Jack some paint and let him go wild with making them his own little masterpieces. It will be a fun Christmas break project and honestly anything would be an improvement. Unless he paints on penises.

 Overall Thoughts

For the second quarter in a row, I’m feeling kind of ‘so so’ about my FabFitFun box. Both the throw and the coaster set were total misses for me. I like the creams and masks, but feel like their retail values are super inflated. Also, I’m kind of drown in creams/lotions/masks right now. I’m super excited about the socks though, so there’s that. If the next two boxes don’t impress me, I won’t be renewing this subscription.

Okay, be honest… do you see nipples when you look at the coasters? 

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored review.

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