The Internet is a Very Weird Thing

I know I owe you a bunch of blog posts on everything from random vacation stories to my new job. I’m hoping to have a full blog post tomorrow or Friday at the latest, I just wanted to share something that made me giggle a little.

One of the cool things about having a blog is that you can see what search terms have led readers to your site. A bunch of people search for my blog name and Pocketful of Joules brings them here. This totally floats my boat, as it’s awesome and super flattering.

Even more people search for different marketing/business tips like these searches that came through: can a flyer have too many words in it, how to decide when to leave a job, how to decide when to close your business in bad weather, does my small business need a brochure, and should I go to a business networking event, etc.

So, that’s pretty crazy to think that google is spitting out my little ol’ blog and people are taking the time to visit. For those people, I’d like to give a big fat “Thank You” for making my day.

What really tickles my funny bone is the really random and crazy stuff that people search for that somehow brings them here:

  • Apparently a bunch of Will Ferrell fans have been sent my way. A crapload of people have searched for some combination of Anchorman, Ron Burgundy and Stay Classy San Diego. I hope they’re not disappointed when they come to my post on How to Leave a Job Without Burning Bridges! Oh, and 2 people have searched for Ron Burgandy crying…that’s just weird.
  • We also have a bunch of Labryinth fans popping in here, or at least fans of the creepy junk lady. I’ve had a bunch of people visit this site just by searching for the terms Labyrinth, Junk Lady, Back Horder and Trash Lady. The funny thing is, that their search is bringing them to my Project Me post on Purging being Fun. Of course, 2 people actually DID search for “purging is fun”, so at least they found what they were looking for!

The rest of my stats are a hodgepodge of random. Honestly, some of the stuff people google just makes no sense to me at all. Much less, how their googlings* bring them here.

My favs:

  • Bad Customer service at joukes (I actually googled joukes because I didn’t know what it was…I still don’t know).
  • Braless at work (hope I didn’t ruin someone’s porn obsession…)
  • Youls (Is this a “My Cousin Vinny” thing??)
  • The people buying our house are driving me crazy
  • Pregnant on Thanksgiving

So, if you’re one of the random people who was searching for something random and stumbled onto this site. Take a look around and stay awhile. Oh, and if you know what a jouke is, please let me know!


*I totally just made up the word googlings, but it makes sense, right?

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