My Thoughts on the Toms + Target Collaboration

Have I mentioned my Toms obsession? It’s kind of funny, when I first saw someone wearing Toms shoes, I thought they looked kind of weird – they’re just normal old wrapped canvas shoes.

What’s the big dealio?

They totally grew on me over the years though and I finally bought my first pair of Toms over the summer. They were a snazzy pair of zigzag slip-ons and I wore them ALL summer long. Then, Hautelook had a Toms sale… and I bought a couple more pairs. A few months later while browsing at Nordstrom Rack, I found two more pairs to add to my collection.

So yeah, now I have kind of a Toms issue.

As you can imagine, when I heard that Target and Toms were launching a collaboration I marked that shiznet on my calendar WITH an alert so I wouldn’t miss the good stuff! I stalked the Look Book and picked out a few of my favorites and waited until the collection went online on 11/16.

That morning, I clicked over… and was kind of underwhelmed. I don’t know why, but there just wasn’t much that rocked my world. The one pair of women’s Toms shoes were kind of boring and initial feedback on the website was that quality was lacking. The sweatshirt that I’d been eying just looked kind of ‘eh’ and nothing else was really calling my name.

I love the brand though and especially love that they would be donating shoes, blankets and meals to those in need for each purchase. I decided to order a few items and planned to return what I didn’t love.

Women’s French Terry Sweatshirt in Black & White
I was initially drawn to this sweatshirt because of this picture from the Look Book:

Toms for Target sweatshirt - pic from Target

The nubby fabric was super cool and I imagined it being delightfully over-sized and looking adorably chic with my distressed jeans, boots and a scarf. Since I wasn’t quite sure how it was cut and I really wanted it to be large and flowy, I ordered it in both a Large and an Extra Large.

Toms sweatshirt

Um, what the heck. There is nothing adorable or delightful about this. I’m actually wearing the Extra Large in this picture and it’s still quite fitted. In fact, it’s practically a crop top and you’d be able to see my navel if I raise my arms. Not exactly the look I was going for.

Three Bracelet Sets
I ordered two different versions of the bracelet sets because I thought they were super cute, especially for just $15.

Toms for Target bracelets

I have a friend who I think will love one set and I may be using the second set for an upcoming Secret Santa get together at my house. The sets in person are exactly as pictured and I love that they are already boxed nicely for easy wrapping!

toms bracelets

50” x 60” Acrylic Fringe Throw
When I saw this online I loved the yellow and white version.

Toms for Target blankets

This is a really nice sized throw for $30 and I loved the way it looked online. I was just crossing my fingers that it was as soft as it was in my imagination. I ordered two of these, with plans to give one as a Christmas gift.

Unfortunately, when it arrived it was NOT the yellow version I had been coveting. I called Target’s customer service and apparently there was a mistake in the programming, so EVERYONE who ordered the yellow version was sent the wrong color! To thank me for my patience, they gave me a $25 Target gift card, which was pretty nice of them. I took a quick trip to my local Target to return the sweatshirts and exchanged the blankets for the color I had been wanting.

Toms blanket

I’m so glad I did, because these blankets are so pretty and extremely soft! They are wrapped up really nice with a bow for easy Christmas giving, which is great for the one I’m giving away. I am keeping one of them for myself though… and Ollie approves!

ollie blanket

All in all, I really like the Toms and Target Collaboration. I checked out a few more items in person when I was at Target and the clothing items and home goods all seemed to be made really well. I think it was really smart of them to launch this in time for the holiday shopping season, because there are some great and affordable gift options.

The only place where I feel the collection REALLY needed improvement was the shoes. I wish that they had offered more of the Toms shoe with funky designs that I love. I did get a chance to see the black women’s Toms in person… and just like the reviews said, they were really cheap looking.

Unlike some of the other Target collaborations, they will be restocking items so if you missed out on something you love there is hope that it will soon be available again! As an added bonus, Target has free shipping for the holidays, so you can order what you like online instead of trying to chase it down in the stores.

Did you buy anything from the Toms and Target Collaboration when it launched? Was it everything that you hoped it would be?


Disclaimer: This was not a sponsored post. I just really like Toms… and Target.

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4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Toms + Target Collaboration”

  1. I bought the glove/mittens and t-shirt for my little man. I liked both but realized quickly that helping a five year old put on those gloves was making my hair go gray. I bought him and I a pair of shoes. Mine need to go back but I’ll be keeping his. They aren’t anything special but they won’t show dirt too badly and will be easy for him to slip on. Personally, I just didn’t like the white sole on a black shoe in the women’s version.

    1. I did like the boys Toms, but Jack is good on shoes for now so I passed. I really like the little girls shoes too and wish they were made in the grown up size! I totally agree on the white sole, I have a pair with a teal sole and they never show dirt. =)

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