Will You Help Me Grow My Blog?

If you search on the Google-nater, you’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of posts on how to grow your web presence. Actually – scratch that — Google says that it gave me 126,000,000 results (in 0.45 seconds). Wow.

That’s a lot of information. Especially because most of those posts say the SAME DAMN THING…

Create a successful brand. Blog X times a week consistently. Use more photos. Use less photos. Give away something. Use a number in your post title. Use a SEO plug-in. Be patient. Write good content. Interact with your readers. Be active on other blogs. Have a blog Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Post everything on Pinterest. Blah, blahbitty, blah blah.

And don’t even get me started on those companies who contact you promising to grow your traffic by eleventy-billion page views a day.

The thing is, I don’t actually WANT eleventy-billion page views a day. Especially when someone is just visiting my blog because I wrote some passive-aggressive bait headline designed to get them to click through.

I’m not that kind of blogger.

What I like about my readers is that you guys have stuck around for a long time. I see a bunch of your names come up again and again in the comments, on my Facebook page and over on my Instagram page. I feel like we know each other. It’s like we are friends who just haven’t had the chance to giggle over a cup of coffee.

Or a glass of wine.
Who are we kidding? A BOTTLE of wine!

So, I was thinking… how I can find more of you guys? Where can I find more blog readers who are interested in what I write and keep coming back to see what’s been going on this week in my {currently sleep deprived} life?

And then I came up with a totally brilliant idea.
I’d ask you to help!

I like you guys. I like you a lot. And I’d probably like to hang out with most of you… so what if I went out on a limb and asked you to tell one of your friends about Pocketful of Joules?

Pick a friend, any friend. Actually… no. Pick one of your AWESOME friends who you like to act goofy and laugh with on a regular basis. Tell them to stop by and check me out. Or, maybe you’re a Facebooker – could you take a minute to share one of my blog posts on your wall?

To make it easy-peasy, here are some of my most popular posts:

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Most importantly… if you do decide to spread me around like a cheap streetwalker (but obviously in a more classy way) please tell your friends to say ‘hi’ so I can do a super nerdy online wave back!

OH, and if you’re not following me on other forms of social media, please take a minute to click through to my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram pages. See, I do follow some of those “rules” for how to be a good blogger. I just tend to get bored and ignore the rest of them!

What do you think… is this idea kind of brilliant? Have I just turned social media marketing on its ear? Does social media marketing HAVE an ear?


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