You Need Shower Candles!

I made a life changing update to our bathroom that cost $20. TWENTY DOLLARS! After spending a bazillion dollars on our recent bathroom renovation, this $20 addition as rocked my world. Or rocked my showers… at least.

Shower. Candles.


Why didn’t I think of these before?!

I’m not a brightly lit shower kinda girl. I prefer natural light from the window. Don’t worry, our window is far enough away from the shower that nobody sees a crazy naked lady singing at the top of her lungs in the shower when nobody else is home.

Anyways, I got my husband started on what I call ‘dark showers’ too. In fact, he started taking ACTUAL dark showers in the morning, because he gets up at 4am for work.

And then I had a light bulb go off over my head… we need some of those fancy remote candles.


Here are the exact candles I purchased: Flameless Flickering Batter Operated Candles, Set of 9. (Don’t forget to also order batteries!)

I took a couple quick videos when received them. Check out the two modes: light or candle:

If you don’t have a shower the size of a New York City bedroom, you can totally put them on the countertop. However, we built our shower specifically for my giant husband’s wingspan… so we have plenty of room on the ledge that doesn’t get wet.

I put a few in each corner and it’s just so soothing:

I thought 9 candles seemed kind of excessive and was planning to only use a few of them… but OH MY GOSH, 9 candles is actually the exactly perfect number of candles to have the most relaxing shower ever.

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