2017 Reader Survey Results + a Winner

Thank you all so much for taking the time to complete the Pocketful of Joules reader survey I put up earlier this month. I loved reading all your feedback and especially enjoyed those of you who thought that kissing up was the way to win the fun prize that I’m giving away.

I mean, it totally is.
Kiss up. Give me ALL the kissing up!

Just kidding.

But for real, some of you were just so sweet and it totally made my day to read your comments. I also really appreciated getting some of your feedback on posts that you enjoy.

I thought you might like to see the results too, so I decided to get all jiggy with it and put together a few snazzy charts and graphs…

Let’s start with where you all came from:

And how long you’ve been around:

This one is my favorite and the one that really helps me with future blog post planning:

And now, a little more about YOU:

I’m so happy that I did this survey, because it’s really nice to have a little bit of direction when I’m doing my monthly brainstorming of possible posts. At a glance, you guys tend to enjoy my Stitch Fix/Trunk Club reviews and Dressing Room pictures, as well as when I just go a little nuts and write about random stuff. So, I’ve already taken your comments to heart and did a fun Dressing Room Snaps post last week and posted about me Having a Bit of a Tantrum as well.

You all seemed to like it… so guess I’ll keep giving you what you want!

When it comes to the write-in comments many of you left on the survey, the next time I need a little ego post I’m totally coming right back to read them again. My heart grew 4 sizes at the number of “you rock” and “I love you” notes. Seriously, thank you all so much for ALL your kind words. Sometimes blogging is like throwing your words and heart into the big black hole of the internet… and you guys really took the time to let me know that you hear me.

Here are a few highlights that may have made my eyes a little drippy:

I keep coming back to your blog because it is REAL and the fashion is attainable. I want to look nice and there is no way I can put the time or effort that some blogs do.

You’re awesome and I really enjoy you in a non-creepy way…?

You’re great, you have a unique voice, and I love hearing about your day to day adventures.

I love your outfit pics! The give me inspiration for my own wardrobe and let me see how certain trends look on a real person!

I feel like you fill a gap in my blog reading – 40, into clothes, a mom. Love what you do!

In case you needed a reminder, you are awesome and funny. Sometime life sucks and being a mommy is hard. You rock. (Or at least your blog makes you look that way, I don’t know you IRL).

I love the mix of complete randomness, rather than you just being focused on one area of your life or home!

Great blog! Love that you haven’t “sold out” like most others!!

And now, as promised… I randomly picked one person for a bribe. Um, I mean my fun prize. The winner is… Wendy! I’ve put together a little box of fun that I mailed out to Wendy over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Are you surprised by any of the survey results? 

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