October Thrift Haul

I almost thought I wasn’t going to have one of these thrifting posts for this month because life was super busy and I didn’t have an opportunity to visit my favorite thrift store. But then I realized that there were two Savers locations around my Monday lunch plans and I suddenly found the time to stop in! It helps that I had taken the day off as a personal day…

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I’ve never been to a Savers before, so I was excited to stop by two of them. On Monday they were also having a special Customer Appreciation sale with an added percentage off, so that’s pretty great! On my first Savers stop, I spotted a bunch of good brands, including a Vince sweater for just $3.99 (they usually run $350 – 450 new).

I also saw those Joules brand rain boots, which I immediately grabbed and ran to try on. They are super similar to this pair on the Joules website. I WANTED to love them – I mean they have my nickname AND polka dots on them – but they fit really weird. There was some kind of bagging situation happening around the ankles and I had to leave them for someone else to enjoy. It hurt a little though…

At this stop I did end up buying one item:

Loft Striped Open Cardigan, medium, $11.99 marked down to $8.99

It doesn’t seem like this sweater was even worn, because there are no signs of pilling at all. I love the camel/grey stripes and that the weave at the bottom is a little more textured:

At the store, I put this on with my t-shirt and jeans and I like how it kind of dresses up an easy weekend outfit. {I actually wore this sweater today and I’m in love with it! You can see it here}

After I had lunch with a girlfriend, I hit up a second Savers on my way home. I had even more luck at the second location and brought home two more items:

Athleta Heat Zone Half Zip, large, $9.99 marked down to $7.49

I did a little digging and this is the Athleta Heat Zone Half Zip that was originally sold last winter for $108. Once again, it doesn’t seem like this was worn at all before it was donated. Perhaps it was a Christmas gift that someone didn’t like? While I typically prefer full-zip hoodies, this will be great for outdoor activities and running for the fall/early winter. I love that it has thumb-holes and also a side pocket with a headphones hole so I can zip my phone away. I’m going to be doing the Across the Bay 10k in a couple weeks and this will probably be perfect for that race.

Talbots Linen/Silk Sweater, 3XP, $7.99 marked down to $5.99

Here’s yet another example of why you should totally ignore size tags. Just in today’s post I have a medium, a large and a 3XP… I love a nice, oversized sweater and this one is a super pretty heathered blue/gray weave. I like the rolled ¾ sleeves and the v-neck, so why should it matter what size it says on the tag? It’s actually the perfect oversized fit to do a cute little half-tuck into jeans, so I’m calling it a total win!

This would have been the end of my October thrifting post, but I stopped at a Goodwill on my way home from this morning’s doctor’s appointment…

Talbots Pima Cotton & Cashmere Sweater, 3X, $8

I usually stay away from cashmere sweaters because they make me too hot, but this one is a super soft mix of 85% pima cotton and 15% cashmere. It is super lightweight and very, very soft… so I know I will throw it on a bunch this fall/winter/spring for both work and weekends. Once again, this has no signs of wear AND it’s a 3x again. To be honest, this sweater would have looked totally fine in a medium, large, XL, or bigger… it just depends on how swooshy you like the fit. And if you don’t believe me, here it is on me in a quick dressing room picture:

It’s nice and oversized and comfy, but with a little half-tuck you’d have no idea it’s actually 4 or more sizes “too big” on me. So yeah, ignore sizes when thrifting!

October Thrifting Total: $30.50

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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