Emotional State Update

So after I had my tantrum a couple weeks ago I figured I owe you all an update. Things are… better. I mean, I’m not bursting into tears randomly, so that’s an automatic improvement.

Jack was either sick or having a reaction to his flu shot over the weekend, so we cancelled all plans on Saturday and Sunday and basically just glued our butts to the couch. After 8 weekends straight of running around, having a super lazy weekend really helped ALL of us relax a bit.

Updates on what was driving me nutty:

My Stats class: I’m finally doing a bit better in my Statistics class. I failed the first two quizzes, so I totally spiraled into thinking that I’d fail the course. Luckily I found the best tutor ever and she has helped me so much. I did much better on the following two quizzes and even got a 91% on my midterm! My cumulative grade is at a 79%, so there is a chance in hell that I can pass this class. In the next 5 weeks I have 2 more quizzes, 1 homework assignment, a paper and my final… so I’m just trying to keep focused and go slow and steady through each of my tasks. Let’s hope I can get through it and NEVER take a statistics class again!

Jack’s hitting: As for Jack’s hitting, we’ve had improvement there too. I had a meeting with the directors of his before/after care and we implemented a behavior chat both there and at home. On the school behavior chart he gets to pick a toy out of the prize box after each week of good behavior (mornings and evenings). On his home behavior chart he gets to mark off each day of no hitting/hurting and his prize was to go to the school’s Halloween party last Friday. We just made a new chart for a prize (probably a new Lego set) to be awarded on Thanksgiving week – which is a reward for him to look forward to and also something to entertain him on the long weekend. So far, so good… fingers crossed that this keeps working.

Dieting yuck: After 6 weeks of sticking with my cholesterol improving diet (and an additional 2 weeks of general healthier diet), I had my follow up blood draw this past Thursday. I should get my results this week and I have yet another appointment with my doctor and nutritionist to see if I’m in the normal zone for my cholesterol and what the plan will be moving forward. Most days I can stick with the diet, but some days I’m craving a steak and French fries so bad that I literally dream about them. Best case scenario would be if my cholesterol is now in the normal zone and I get to eat red meat/fried food a couple times a month moving forward…

So there you go, after my tantrum I’m feeling a lot better. I think a few wins and some down-time was really what I needed. I think I also need to make some more plans with friends too, because I totally need some girl time. This coming weekend I’m spending the night over with a girlfriend and then doing the 10k across the Bay Bridge, so I can’t wait!

Oh and I figured it was time to update my profile picture… you wouldn’t believe how many I took before deciding on this one:

I actually initially put up another photo but then decided that my teeth looked weird — I was smiling so big that you could see my bottom teeth — so then I switched it out again. Anyone else totally over-analyze their photos for imperfections?

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3 thoughts on “Emotional State Update”

  1. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who dreams about food. It’s a major concern lately so it makes sense. I’m doing Whole30 currently and keep dreaming that I eat something off-plan, sometimes because someone convinces me to “cheat” and other times because of a hidden ingredient. If I’m going to dream about food I wish my brain would do something a little more interesting like have me dive into a cake the size of my sofa.

    1. Ugh, I know! The other night I dreamed that I ordered a steak and it came to the table looking absolutely perfect. Then I remembered that I couldn’t eat it and so I gave it to my husband to have as his second dinner and had to watch him eat TWO steaks! I almost cried!

  2. Ugh, I hear you on the photo imperfections. We just got back the family photo session proofs. I swear I look better than that when I look in the mirror and go about daily life. At least, I hope I do.

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