2019 Check-in: 6 Month Thrifting Favorites

I love to thrift. You guys know this. There is nothing like the thrill of the hunt. Or finding something amazing and awesome for a fraction of its retail price. However, I make mistakes. Sometimes I get caught up in the adrenaline of finding something cool and I buy it… and never wear it. So, I started doing these little 6 month thrifting check-in’s to give myself a chance to look back on what I really ended up loving.

You can find my first 6 month thrifting update here from June 2018 and then the December 2018 update here.

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I went through my thrifting haul posts from January – June and here are my favorites:

Charles Gray London swing coat, $14.99

Thrifted in January

I haven’t actually had the opportunity to wear this coat yet. However, with my fancy new city job I’m sure I’ll be pulling this out to wear in the fall when the weather cools off. Technically it shouldn’t be counted in my thrifting favs post because it went straight into the coat closet, but it’s just so adorable!

UGG Emalie Waterproof Leather Wedge Bootie, $24.99

Thrifted in February

I thrifted these UGG booties at the end of February and they turned out to be a major winner. They were in perfect condition and super comfortable for being wedges. I wore them a few times with black tights before the weather warmed up and I packed them away in favor of bare legs and flats. These retailed for $180 and I bought them for $25. So I’ll be super happy to wear them some more when I unpack them in the fall!

Talbots 100% linen cardigan sweater, $5.36

Thrifted in March

I wear this sweater ALL. THE. TIME. I threw it on with jeans and a t-shirt in the spring and now I’m grabbing it to go with a tank top and shorts when I get a little chilly. I’m pretty sure the cost-per-wear is already down to about 50 cents. LOVE this sweater.

Black Runched Waist Dress, $7

Thrifted in May

I picked up this little black dress a the thrift store that doesn’t normally have any ‘good stuff’ but gosh is it good. The runched waistline is super flattering and the jersey fabric doesn’t wrinkle at all. I hardly own any solid colored dresses, so this was a much needed addition to my wardrobe to pair with my patterned sweaters and blazers! I’ve worn it once so far, see it here.

Have you had any super thrifting winners over the past few months?

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One thought on “2019 Check-in: 6 Month Thrifting Favorites”

  1. I’d say about 75% of my wardrobe is completely thrifted from the last year. I have found a lot of wins, but my current fave is a blue and white stripe dress (the blue looks kinda like clouds!) With pockets.

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