August Thrift Haul

This month was my most prolific thrifting month with a total of nine items — and I found everything from clothing to housewares to vintage 1950’s casserole dishes. Part of it was because I had the time to hit three stores over the course of the month and another part was just luck. So, let’s check out this month’s finds!

ACDC sweatshirt, $2.99

Do I like ACDC? Yes! Do I like super soft and lightweight sweatshirts? Yes! Do I like purchasing a super soft ACDC sweatshirt for $2.99? YES!! This purchase was a total no-brainer. It’s really soft and comfy and doesn’t show any signs of wear. It’s the perfect casual topper for throwing over my pajamas on a chilly morning out in the sunroom with my coffee. {swoon}

Denim jacket, $8.99

I know, I know… ANOTHER denim jacket, but I have plans for this denim jacket (Crafting Your Own Signature Style: A Me Made Denim Jacket). I haven’t started the project yet, but sometime soon the sleeves are coming off and some paint/embroidery is going on. I’ll keep you posted. And even if it turns out terrible, it was a $9 investment for some crafty fun.

Converse shoes, $14.79

I love a classic white pair of low top converse shoes and I’ve been looking for a pair in super great condition for a while. These happen to be the “Chuck 70 Vintage Canvas low tops” and they are currently being sold on the Converse website for $85. They had a small spot on the canvas, which was easily scrubbed off and they are currently in the middle of a make-over with some embroidery thread!

Starbucks Reusable Hot Cups (set of 6), $5.99

These were all the rage a few years ago with people buying them up as soon as they hit the shelves and then reselling them for 5x the price. Guess the market burst on them, because there were like 5 sets at the thrift store for $5.99. Jack loves color changing cups, so I picked up a set for him to use as his nighttime water cups. Unfortunately, they don’t actually change color for hot or cold water. Bummer. They’re still good cups though, so they are getting used.

Cronin pottery tulip casserole dish and lid, $5.49 on sale for $4

I love this fabulous little casserole dish and lid from the 1950’s and I have the matching pitcher in my China cabinet. I bought this for $4 and similar dishes are being sold online for $30 – 55. I plan to use this one though and it may eventually find it’s way to my China cabinet with its other mid-century pottery friends. (Featured in previous post: Google Lens: The Easiest Way to Track Down Thrift Finds!)

Rainbow sleeveless top, $8.99

Not a fancy brand, but a super cute pattern. I though that this shirt would look nice with some of my skirts, so I’m planning to wear this before the summer weather turns into fall.

Soma top, $2.99

I pretty much sleep exclusively in Soma pajamas, so I’m super excited to find this comfy Soma top at the thrift store. It will be a great pajama topper for when it’s chilly! And honestly, I’d wear this with non-pajamas too because it’s really soft and cute.

Talbots blouse, $6.99

Yet another lesson in “don’t trust the size tags” at a thrift store. This pretty cotton eyelet shirt from Talbots is marked as a 1X and totally fits like a large. It’s also navy blue (not black), which I don’t have much of in my closet. I’ve already worn it to work:

J.Jill new with tags skirt, $9.99

I wasn’t sure if this one was a keeper when I bought it, since I didn’t try it on. However, it was new-with-tags so I figured I’d give it a shot. It’s a pretty dark blue and very, very lightweight – like parachute material. I wore it over the weekend though and it is NOT a winner. The fabric gets super clingy and full of static while driving, so every time I get out of the car I’m yanking it down and away from my body. As soon as I finished my Sunday errands, I ripped it off my body and stuck it in my sale/re-donate pile. Well, they can’t all be winners!

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