Clothing Purge Report: June & July

I posted my first Clothing Purge Report for April & May (you can find it here) and thought it was a fun way to keep track of what leaves my house… rather than just showing what I purchase. So, let’s keep it up with a June & July report!

Here’s my criteria for where I sell:

  • Poshmark/eBay: items that are in perfect condition.
  • My Instagram page: items that are in perfect or near perfect condition. I’ll typically post a collage of what I’ve listed elsewhere.
  • Facebook Sale Groups: items that are in perfect or near perfect condition in specific brands, such as Anthropologie, Boden, and Stitch Fix.
  • ThredUp Clean Out Bag: items in very good condition, but not perfect enough for me to sell on my own.
  • Donate to Thrift Stores: items in good condition or showing wear.

For June and July I didn’t list anything on eBay, send ThredUp anything, or donate any items to thrift stores. However, I did pretty well with Poshmark, Facebook and even my Instagram page!


Over the months of June and July, I tried to add a few more pieces to my ‘closet’ and share the items more often.

Some of the items I’ve had for a while and don’t wear (the shoes that are all gorgeous but not kind to my feet) and other items I bought and they didn’t work out (the Lilly Pulitzer dress was thrifted and the Madewell skirt ended up being too big for me).

I like the Poshmark platform because there are a lot of people on it, so a high volume of people will see your sale items. Also, I like that they have the buyer pay for shipping, so as a seller you just need to print off the postage and stick it on the box!

I ended up making 6 sales and my total earnings were $207 before fees (20%).


I will occasionally cross-post items on my Instagram account as a “Closet Clean Out” post:

I keep the post updated with what has been sold and accept reasonable offers through direct messages. I always use PayPal for payment, so that both the buyer and I are protected. During June and July, I sold two items on Instagram for a total of $65.

Facebook Sale Groups
I belong to some brand-specific Facebook groups: Boden Mamas B/S/T, Anthropologie BST, Non Crap Mama Clothes, Rothy’s BST, Stitch Fix b/s/t Large and Stitch Fix B/S/T. If you are interested in joining any of them, you need to submit to join and then the administrator will approve each person (I am not the administrator of any of these groups).

I usually have a lot of success in selling when I post a ‘clothing purge’ on the boards. Once again, all payments go through PayPal for the protection of both the buyer and seller.

Items sold on Facebook groups:

  • Moulinette Soeurs South Shore Dress – thrifted for $12 and sold for $40.
  • Anthropologie Skirt – bought on Poshmark and it looked terrible on me so I sold it for $23 (broke even after postage and fees)
  • Anthropologie Odile skirt – bought on Poshmark and it was too tight, so I sold it for $25 (broke even after postage and fees)
  • Rag and Bone Standard Issue sneakers – thrifted for $6 and they didn’t fit me right, so I sold them for $40.

Rothy’s items sold:

  • Shale points, $105
  • Marigold points, $115

You all know how much I LOVE my Rothy’s (Let’s Talk about Rothy’s: Are they Worth the Money?) and with their wonderful referral program I have been able to experiment with some new colors. I absolutely loved my Shale colored points, but my regular size ended up being a smidge too tight in the toes. So, when I saved up enough referral credits I bought a pair of black points to replace them and sold the Shale pair. I’m kind of regretting not just ordering Shale again, because they were so pretty… but the black pair meets my needs too.

As for the Marigold points, I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d like the yellow with my skin tone, but since I had some referral credits that were about to expire I thought I’d give it a try. I wore them once and didn’t love them, so I sold them to someone who did.


How did you like my bi-monthly ‘what I sold’ posts? Did you find them helpful? Do you have any clothes selling tips?


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2 thoughts on “Clothing Purge Report: June & July”

  1. First I wanted to ask where you resold your rothys?
    Second, I’ve seen other bloggers review Tieks but I’ve never seen anyone do a compare of tieks to rohys. As a DEDICATED flat wearer I am curious if you’ve ever worn Tieks and how they might compare.

    1. I belong to 2 groups on Facebook — Rothy’s BST and Rothy’s Addicts. I sold them on there.

      As for Tieks, to be completely honest with you… I’ve never tried a pair of them on because they are WAY out of my price range! Also, I’m not really a fan of the rounded-toes on the flats… I much prefer points. I just feel like they are dressier and more flattering on my feet. If you google ‘Tieks vs Rothy’s’ lots of posts come up, so you might find one of them helpful!

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