July Thrift Haul

I know, I know. There wasn’t supposed to BE a July Thrift Haul because I was doing No Buy July again. Last year I made it 20 days, and this year I went 25 days… so at least that’s an improvement!

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

I had my every-three-months blood draw appointment for my cholesterol yesterday morning, and it has become a bit of a tradition to fast in the morning, do my blood draw, stop by Einstein Bagels for a coffee and a breakfast sandwich, then drop in at the Goodwill on my way back home.

I absolutely HATE needles and have a big clump of anxiety about the blood draw, so it’s kind of like medicinal thrifting.


I bought one thing: this adorable Lucky Brand dress.

I have quite a weakness for Lucky Brand in my casual wardrobe. They occasionally have some pretty fantastic sales on their website (not now though… and all their dresses are so gorgeous). I’ve also been able to scoop up a few Lucky items at TJ Maxx and Marshells over the years. Typically in the store, similar dresses go for $80 – 100-ish. At Marshalls, I might be able to score something similar for $40 – 50. I got this one at the thrift store for… $7!

This dress is made out of cotton and the bodice has three fabric colored buttons. I really like the elastic scrunchie waistband and – of course – the pockets! It is perfect for casual summer weekends at home, dinner at the beach, or even to throw on over a swimsuit. No regrets here!

Did you have any luck thrifting this month? Share your scores!

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