Cold Weather Tips

Well, the temperature dropped to 30 degrees the other morning, so it looks like it’s truly time to pack away the sandals and get out the fleece-lined tights. And lotion. It is time for ALL the lotion. So, let’s start this season off right with some of my favorite cold weather tips!

Tip #1: Buy Some Coconut Oil & Use it Like You’re Getting Ready for a Cannibal to Eat You

I bought my first jar of coconut oil last fall and it’s still going strong (I bought this exact kind) If you suffer from dry skin, you’re going to want to get in on this. My favorite way to use it is to take a shower at night and then rub some on every bit of skin – taking extra care to fully moisturize my legs, which get super dry. Then, I put on my pajamas and basically just smell how great I smell until morning when I’m soft as a baby’s bottom.


Tip #2: If You Suffer from Dry Scalp, Bring on the Olive Oil

Apparently I’m quite tasty, because I also use olive oil year-round. I’ve mentioned before that I have an Autoimmune disease called psoriasis, which causes me to have an excessively dry scalp. Sure, I’m on lots of different medicine, but one of the best things to get everything under control is to take a finger-full of olive oil and massage it directly into the dry area. I will do this to all my dry bits and then sleep on it for a night before washing it out in the morning. It doesn’t leave your hair greasy (just be sure to suds up in the morning) and it is a great way to keep your scalp healthy. If you get any sort of dry flakes, try this out and you’ll love it!

Tip #3: Stop Shaving Your Legs & Shave Your Sweaters Instead

Just kidding, you can still totally shave your legs if you want to, but sweater shaving is non-negotiable. Now that it is getting cold enough to pull out our favorite sweaters from last year, you’ll probably also be noticing that some of them look a lot worse than you remembered. Every year, I unpack my sweaters and throw the ones with pilling in a pile. Then, I whip out my handy-dandy sweater shaver and go to town! This one is really similar to the one I have (which is now discontinued) and only $12.99! Oh and if you want to read the post I did about my sweater shaver, you can find it here: Awesome Gadget: Sweater Shaver.

Sweater shaver

Tip #4: Stay Warm with Fleece-Lined Tights

I wear dresses year-round, but don’t want to freeze my butt off… so fleece-lined tights are pretty much one of my favorite clothing inventions. They are solid black – so you can’t see my pale legs or whether I shaved them – and they keep you warm outside, but not baking hot inside the office.  I have this $8 pair from Nordstrom Rack, and like both the footless kind (for wearing with boots and socks) and the full foot version.

Tip #5: BUY ALL THE SCARVES… Or Just Make One

I’m all about scarves when it’s cold outside and probably have a half-dozen in rotation right now. My latest favorite is the one that I received in my Fall FabFitFun box (you can see the full review here) but I also really like the one I made last year. It is so easy to DIY your own version and these would make great holiday gifts too! Here are the easy-peasy directions: I Saw it On Pinterest: No Sew Blanket Scarf.

Blanket scarf love


Now it’s your turn… what is your favorite Cold Weather Tip?


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