Our Halloween Weekend o’ Fun

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have appropriately gorged yourself on Halloween candy with your morning coffee. Oh wait, just me?

We spent the weekend in Hershey, PA at their annual Hersheypark in the Dark event and had a wonderfully spoooooooky time. This was our first year of a family costume, so I was super excited to get all our costume pieces together for our trip to the park! We also ended up visiting the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA and eating ALL the ice cream.

First, costumes!


As I teased at the beginning of the month, we decided to go as characters from Wreck-it Ralph. I didn’t go crazy and try to make the costumes identical to the cartoon, but was able to find enough bits and pieces in our own closets to make it work.

For Ralph: We bought Travis a pair of overalls, added in an orange shirt from his closet and I made the “You’re my Hero” medal for him to wear. The wooden heart was less than $1 at Walmart and I had the paint and metallic sharpie with our art stuff at home.  I gave a little sneak peek of how I made the medal here and showed the completed version here.

For Vanellope: Apparently Vanellope and I are spirit sisters, because I already had most of the pieces of her outfit. The sweatshirt was from my last Trunk Club order, the blue skirt is one of my favorite running skirts, the leggings were just $5.88 from Walmart  and the Doc Martins have been in my wardrobe since I was 17 years old! The only thing I bought to complete the look was the “candy” in my hair that I found on Amazon here.

For Fix-It Felix, Jr: This was another super easy outfit that I was able to find in Jack’s closet. He already had the blue button-up shirt, jeans and yellow hammer, so that worked out well. All I bought for him was a plain blue baseball cap (Walmart again), and a tool belt. I found the tool belt on Amazon for just $9.99 and it included 14 tools/accessories, so it was really worth it.

Okay, back to the fun of Hersheypark! We drove from home on Saturday morning, checked into our hotel, changed into our costumes and went straight to the park. We did our annual measuring of the Jack to see which rides he’d be able to do this year:


We then spent hours running from one ride to the next for the ultimate amount of fun. While in line for the Ferris wheel I snapped this picture of the sunset. So pretty!


On Sunday, we decided to try something new and stop by the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA. If you are in the area, definitely make it a point to go!



For the three of us to do the Turkey Hill Experience and Taste Lab, it cost less than $40. We spent about an hour walking around the main area, and then we entered the Lab and made our own ice cream.



We were super lucky and they were having a special Trick or Treat event while we were there, so Jack was able to go to about a dozen candy stations. It all ended up with a ‘decorate your own’ pumpkin area (for FREE!) where Jack made a witch pumpkin before we left for the ride home.


All in all, it was an absolute fabulous weekend. I mean, Jack totally had a tantrum/breakdown/head spinning around incident on Sunday morning… but welcome to the life of a preschooler.

How did you spend your Halloween weekend?


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