Countess Von Nibbles

Living in the country certainly has its perks.

After 10 years of townhouse living, I no longer have to see my neighbors on a regular basis because we have a couple acres between us. My husband gets his dream garage for all his crap and stays out of my garage. Our neighbor puts on a practically professional fireworks display each year for Independence Day. And we have our own fire pit behind our house so that I can enjoy homemade s’mores all year long.

One of the BEST perks though is the animals.

No, not the mailbox spiders. The dozen or so deer that like to hang out in our back yard. The two fat bunnies that bounce and run by our driveway. The red cardinals that swoop around when I drive by. And BEST of all… Countess Von Nibbles:

My husband calls him Mr. Munchie and Jack decided his name is Groundhoggy…but I feel like Countess Von Nibbles has a bit of je ne sais quoi that works perfectly for my fat, nibbly friend.

At this point, the Countess has basically destroyed my welcome mat. In a few more days, I’m going to drag it down and place it next to the groundhog hole so that he/she can have their own welcome mat to nibble on when he/she feels a bit peckish.

Until then, I’ll enjoy the cuteness of this little face. And those adorable ears.

Long live Countess Von Nibbles!

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One thought on “Countess Von Nibbles”

  1. Lol, I live your optimism about the wildlife. I get grouchy from snake visits and deer destroying or hostas.

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