Running Fun: Old Bay 5k

I like to do one 5k a month, so since I hadn’t done one since the Super Run in April, I was clicking around online last week trying to find one to add to my schedule. That is how I came across the Old Bay 5k, which is basically the most Maryland run in all the land.

You know that Marylander’s are weird about crabs, our flag, and Old Bay… so as a proud Marylander, I immediately called my brother and we both registered ASAP. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to wear my Maryland flag leggings. Here I am with Jason in front of some inflatable Old Bay containers…

The race was not scenic at all – considering we just ran through an office park type area – however, when we ran by the McCormick Spice Factory the air was full of whatever spice they were grinding at the moment.  So, that was pretty cool.

There was also a Mascot race after we finished, which was adorable:

The best part of the whole event was the goodie bags! In addition to a race shirt, we each got a HUGE Old Bay Tin that was full of all those different spices:

I LOVE the tin and I’m currently undecided on whether to keep it on my kitchen counter to store cookies, or to put it in my den to hold fire-starters next to my fireplace. What would you do with it?

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