#GalSquad: The Red Door Spa’s Arden Standard Facial Service

I still don’t know how I got so lucky as to be a Red Door Spa #GalSquad Ambassador, but it’s pretty darn awesome. For my first spa service earlier this summer I enjoyed an amazing pedicure and then last month I tried out their Olaplex hair treatment. For the month of August, the ambassador team was given the opportunity to get one of the Red Door Spa’s signature services, the Arden Standard Facial with a targeted performance booster add-on.

I’ve never gotten a professional facial before, so my previous experience was limited to the free mini facials they give out at the mall beauty store. I was a mixture of excited about trying the new service and scared that their facial expert would take a close look at my skin and gasp at any sun damage, wrinkles and age spots that have popped up over the years. Oh yeah, and I totally have that sideburn fuzz… was I supposed to wax that before I went?

Well, the only preparation I actually did was to wear my glasses instead of my contact lenses. I figured I could relax more if I weren’t on edge the entire time worrying about something irritating my eyes.

When I arrived I was directed to change into a robe and put my stuff in a locker. I was initially confused because I expected the facial to be all about my face… but it turns out that you also get your arms, hands, upper chest, neck and shoulders massaged.

My esthetician was Jenella and she was so incredibly nice and professional. She explained so much about the how and why behind each step of the facial and gave me a list of all the products used on me for future reference. After talking about my skin concerns – mainly dryness and wrinkle prevention – she dimmed the lights and started with the steps of the Arden Standard Facial.

She began by cleaning my skin and then exfoliating my face. While the exfoliating Lemon Burst Polishing Scrub soaked in, she massaged my hands and arms. Then, she massaged the targeted performance booster into my face and neck. Based on my needs, she suggested the collagen performance booster which combats loss of elasticity by stimulating the skin’s natural collagen production and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This part was so incredibly awesome that I may have dozed off a few times.

Pocketful of Joules - Arden Facial

The last step was to hydrate my skin with the Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cream SPF15 and Moisturizing Eye Cream. When she finished, I felt incredibly relaxed and refreshed. I also felt incredibly moisturized… to the extent of being super shiny. While I loved the feel of the super moisturizing treatment, the aftermath was a bit too greasy to share with the world. I let it soak in on my 45 minute drive home and then hopped directly in the shower.

And here is what I look like directly out of the shower with not a stitch of makeup on. Not even eyeliner {gasp!}…

Pocketful of Joules - Arden Facial extreme close up

I have to say that for my very first professional facial, I LOVED the Arden Standard Facial. I feel like there is an immediate noticeable difference in how my skin looks after the treatment. This would be the perfect mid-winter treat to moisturize my dry winter skin. This service could also be a really great gift for the lady in your life who loves to be pampered. In fact, if I hadn’t just gotten this one I’d be hinting at Travis that this would make a great 38th birthday gift!

Have you ever gotten a professional facial?


Disclosure: I am a Red Door #GalSquad Ambassador, which means that once a month I am able to experience a new product or service free of charge. I’m not required to blog about my experiences; only post a few pictures on my social media accounts (which will be shared on the Red Door Spa accounts).

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5 thoughts on “#GalSquad: The Red Door Spa’s Arden Standard Facial Service”

  1. I get facials quarterly. My skin get annoyed easily by seasonal change and tends towards dry and red. Once a year I’ll get a good deep exfoliation and the other ones near the winter months I will do deep moisture facial. The place I go to is an organic spa that uses all natural stuff (my skin doesn’t like fragrance and things like preservatives). I love it!

  2. I was thinking of coming in for the standard facial. However every time I go for a facial some where they are always worried about selling me products. This takes the relaxation out of the whole experience. Does this occur at red door also? Thx Joanne

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