January 2022 Thrift Haul

Ugh. That is how I feel about winter and winter weather. Just UGH. There has been too much cold and snow and ice and freezing rain already and I’m ready for sunshine. With that being said, I did have some wonderful thrifting finds on this gray and icky month… so let’s take a look!

Beaded denim jacket, $10

I’ve been on a bit of a denim jacket kick lately and this one is the one that started me off. I love the neutral bronze colored beading and embroidery. It adds a little bit of pizzaz to an otherwise very classic looking denim jacket. It’s a little tricky to wear one as a topper right now, since I have to bundle up in a heavy coat, so you’ll probably start seeing this one in the spring when the weather warms up a bit.

Handmade blankets, $4, $6 and $3

It’s clear that I have a weakness for the donated homemade blankets. Someone put so much love and work into these blankets, only for them to be donated to the thrift store. This month I collected three beautiful blankets and I don’t regret it even a bit. These three were a total of $13 for a bushel full of love!

Jack wanted to do some thrifting as well, so we went on a visit together and absolutely scored in the games section!

Snap Circuits Skill Builder, $3.50, Bloxels, $4 and Laser Maze, $2

I pulled the first box off the shelf and Jack immediately got excited because they play with Snap Circuits at his before/aftercare program. We opened the box and were pleasantly surprised that it was fully intact with all the pieces. I looked it up, and this same set is currently being sold at Target for $30. Jack has already spent HOURS creating different projects with this set, so I’m thrilled that we picked it up for such a steal.

Jack loves a good STEM game, so we picked up the Bloxels and Laser Maze games as well. They both had all their pieces – yay! – and for a total of $6 for the both of them, they were totally worth it. These probably won’t keep Jack’s attention as long as the Snap Circuits, but I’m happy with re-donating them once they lose their luster.

Dominoes set, $3

Jack plays Dominoes at his Mimi’s house and has been wanting a set of his own. He found this set at the thrift store while I was searching through the books. It was missing one domino, but he ended up finding that sitting on a random shelf. So we ended up with a full set of very nicely made Dominoes for just $3!

3 Harry Potter movies, Aladdin and Lion King, 97 cents each

We’ve been re-watching the Harry Potter series since our trip to Universal Studios is coming up, so I’ve been on the hunt for the DVDs. We had the first and second movies already, so I was very happy to collect the next three in the series for less than a dollar each. I also found Aladdin and Lion King, and I couldn’t leave them behind. I’m still searching for the last 3 Harry Potter movies, so finger’s crossed that they turn up!

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3 thoughts on “January 2022 Thrift Haul”

  1. How fantastic that you found all of this fun! Jack sounds like a very smart boy, who will watch over you, in your old age!

  2. I just got that same Bloxels set from a thrift shop yesterday. Turns out it’s an old discontinued set, and Bloxels requires you to buy a subscription to their app to be able to use it. Newer kits come with an activation code, but it’s a monthly or yearly cost to use the old kit. It’s completely useless if you don’t subscribe. So that’s a bummer.

    1. Yeah, it is annoying that it no longer links with the program. My kiddo used it as more of an art project, but I anticipate it will be re-donated at some point!

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