Loving Right Now: Book Recommendations

I’ve been on a bit of a reading kick lately and have read some really fabulous books lately! I know a bunch of you are big readers as well, so I wanted to pass on my recommendations. As always, be sure to check your library first to save yourself some moolah.

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Roomies by Christina Lauren

Paperback version on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Ev0JF0

Kindle version on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NsufOD

Holland Bakker has been obsessed with her subway musician crush for months, so when an opportunity arises to connect, she goes for it.  There is job craziness, romance, family issues and more. This was one of the books recommended to me previously when I asked for your recommendations.

I downloaded it on my kindle and LOVED it. Sure, some parts are a little predictable, but the love story is sweet and awfully hot in places. I thought this one was great and will be keeping a look out for more books by Christina Lauren.

The Bucket List: A Novel by Georgia Clark

Hardcover version on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2tAYIAD

Kindle version on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Ew8HgX

Not to be confused with The Bucket List movie with two old guys, this novel is more of a bucket list for boobies. The main character of this book is Lacey Whitman, who is blindsided when she is diagnosed with the BRACA1 gene mutation that can be an early indicator of breast cancer. Before deciding whether to get a preventative double mastectomy, she decides to write a sassy bucket list for everything she wants to do before saying goodbye to her boobs.

This book was hilarious and sexy and sad all at once and I loved it. I was able to check it out from my local library, so be sure to check yours ASAP to read this one!

Hungry Heart: Adventures in Life, Love and Writing by Jennifer Weiner

Paperback version on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2VhABmv

Kindle version on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2XkXmaY

Jennifer Weiner is one of the queens of ‘chick lit’ and I’ve loved her writing ever since I read Good in Bed. This non-fiction book is a collection of her essays on everything from weight, her career, money, her mother’s coming out of the closet and her relationship with her father.

From her stories of her lonely adolescence to getting published for the very first time, I was entranced by every single chapter in the book. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book and immediately went and followed Jennifer Weiner on Instagram.

Now it’s your turn to share, what books are you totally loving right now?

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3 thoughts on “Loving Right Now: Book Recommendations”

  1. I LOVED Roomies! It was the first Christina Lauren book I read, and now I’m addicted! And I just read somewhere it is being adapted by Jenna Dewan’s production company! Love and Other Words, Josh & Hazel’s Guide to not Dating, and My Favorite Half-Night Stand were also good, and I’m on waiting lists at the library for their others!

  2. I like Jennifer Weiner, too. Elizabeth Berg is good, anything by Mary Alice Monroe, and Karen White. I like good reads, it is a site where you can find out about all sorts of new and old books. You can have your own shelves, where you put all of your books. People write reviews on books, which is interesting.
    Right now, I am reading, “Christmas with You,” by Nora Roberts. It is a two novel book. I would say two short story book, but they aren’t that short. It is pretty good. Her characters are usually interesting. “The Rescue,” is one I liked, it is abouts a woman, her rescue dog, and a man she meets. I will say no more.

    Happy reading!

  3. I always love book recommendations. I just finished “The Last Mrs Parrish”. Great story with some twists. Loved the Crazy Rich Asians series. There are 3 books and I devoured them all. I’m currently reading Emily Giffin’s “All We Ever Wanted”. And I love all the Elin Hilderbrand books. Most recently read “Winter in Paradise”. Loved it. Check these out when you get the chance. I got them all through my local library!

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