My Style: December Favorite Outfits

This month’s My Style post is a little early because I’m looking forward to having some time off work between Christmas and New Year’s. Which means for 11 days straight I’ll be pretty darn low maintenance and may have days where changing from my pajamas to my ‘home yoga pants’ is as fancy as I get.

So, before I morph into sloth mode – or as close as you can get to sloth mode when chilling with a kiddo – let’s look at some of my favorite outfits from the month! If you see something you like, I’ve made it easy for you to steal my style with links for each item, as well as some similar styles at different price points. If you want to check out previous My Style posts, you can find them here.

Look #1: Re-styling a Summer Maxi

December Look 1

The Dress
I’ve never really tried the whole maxi dress for winter look, but after wearing this one I’ll definitely be doing it again. It’s a sneaky way of basically wearing a nightgown/blanket and somehow looking like you’ve put in some effort. To try this look on your own, be sure to start with a maxi dress in more muted/non-summer colors. I found my dress on sale at Anthropologie and it’s still available in a few sizes (I’m wearing a size medium, but usually wear a large). This version in “light blue print” from Old Navy is also pretty darn cute and it’s only $40. (However, I just checked this morning and it’s on SALE!)

The Sweater
You’ve seen it before and you’ll see it again and again and again. What can I say, the J.Crew Factory Clare cardigan is a favorite. If you click over today, it’s on super sale for only $27!

The Boots
One of the reasons I liked doing a maxi dress for winter is that I could ‘toughen it up’ a little with my boots. These are the Valora Sky boots from Clarks in Dark Brown Leather and I pretty much wear them ALL them time because they are so incredibly comfortable and warm!

Look #2: My Current Favorite!

December Look 2

The Blouse
This is my current favorite outfit and the one I’ll most likely throw on for Christmas dinner with the family. The blouse is another Anthropologie sale purchase that I am so glad I made. I love a great polka dot top and this one has some really cool details like a scalloped hem and lacy neckline. As of this morning Anthro only has this version in an XS, but sometimes if you stalk it your size will pop back up. They do have both XS and Large available in white though, which is really pretty. If polka dots are your jam – and why WOULDN’T they be?! – you might like this ruffle sleeve version for less than $12! This candy pink version from Nordstrom would also look pretty great with a ton of different bottoms.

The Sweater
Yup, I’m boring… same sweater as the last look: the J.Crew Factory Clare cardigan.

The Pants
I wish this picture were brighter, but this is the best I can do at 6am when it’s dark outside. These pants are the berry-colored skinny jeans that I talked about in November. I still love them and they still look brand-new even though they are in heavy rotation! They are the Democracy Colored Jeans from Nordstrom Rack and they still have lots of sizes available for less than $40!

The Boots
Speaking of Nordstrom Rack, these boots are another score from there. They are the Naturalizer Joylyn Wide Calf boots in Brown which are still available, but in very limited sizes. They are very similar to the Jordie style on the Naturalizer website and while they are a little pricey, they are currently on sale. Which helps!

Look #3: Feeling the Christmas Spirit

December Look 3

The Dress
I decided to go full-on Christmas spirit one day at work and started with this fit-and-flare black and white dress from my August Fix. It is called the Le Lis Merryn Printed Dress and I can’t find it online anywhere. However, I came across this lace fit-and-flare dress while I was looking and actually like it even better than mine. SO cute with the cut-out back and on sale for $100. This dotted version from Loft is also really pretty and a little more work appropriate.

The Sweater
This sweater is from Loft’s Signature Collection and I bought it last year to see if I’d like it as much as the J.Crew cardigans. So far, it seems to be wearing quite well! You can find it in a ton of colors here and they pretty much always go on sale.

The Boots
These boots are almost the exact same as the brown ones I wore in the last picture, they are just a year older. You can find them at the same links as above, but it seems that the online stores are super limited in sizes right now. Here they are on Nordstrom Rack and the Naturalizer’s website, but if you are out and about you might want to try stopping in to see if there are more styles available.

The Tights
I cannot say it enough, but I LOVE fleece-lined tights. I discovered them a few years ago and since then versions have popped up everywhere. I have a few pairs of these in both the regular tights version and the footless version. I’ve also seen them for less than $10 at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, so next time you’re browsing around be sure to pick up a pair!

Do you have a favorite December look?

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