My Style: October Favorite Outfits

What an absolutely gorgeous month! Not only has the weather been pretty fabulous this October, but the leaves are ON POINT right now.

Check out this picture I snapped last weekend before my run. And I use the word ‘run’ loosely, because I was basically oohing and aaahhhing over the leaves so much that it was more like a slow trot.

I took a look through my October pictures and have three of my favorite outfits to share with you. If you see something you like, I’ve made it easy for you to steal my style with links for each item, as well as some similar styles at different price points. If you want to check out previous My Style posts, you can find them here.

Look #1: A Darker Take on Floral

October Style 1

The Dress
One of my favorite things about transitioning my clothes from summer to fall is that I can introduce darker colors again. I just don’t feel right wearing head-to-toe black when it’s 100 degrees in August. This darker floral dress is exactly my cup o’ tea though and I’m hoping to be able to wear it a couple more times before it’s too cold to think about wearing a skirt again. I received my dress in my September Stitch Fix and it’s called the Maggy London Izan Floral Dress.

They actually carry a really good selection of Maggy London dresses on Amazon and I found this super similar one called the Maggy London Women’s Paint Brush Flower Chiffon Fit and Flare for $158. They also have this version for much less: Maggy London Women’s Smudge Blossom Scuba Fit-and-Flare Dress.

The Sweater
I have a few different black sweaters – short sleeved, mid-arm, long sleeved – but with a dress I like the look of a more fitted cardigan. This one is just a simple black sweater that I picked up a couple years ago from Marshalls. It’s almost identical to the J.Crew Factory Clare cardigan that I now have in three colors.

The Shoes
You’ve seen these shoes a few times over the summer and this is probably the very last time until things warm back up again in the spring. If you’re looking to scoop up any end-of-season shoe sales, check out these simple Tom’s sandals in super limited sizes and these Seychelles are to die for.

Look #2: Olive and a Pop of Blue

October Style 2

The Blouse
I saw this blouse go up for sale on one of those Facebook sale pages and I JUMPED on it because it was love at first sight. It is a Stitch Fix top, but really has that eclectic Anthropologie vibe that I love. This one has the same feeling, but much more luxe: Binah Scalloped Shell. I can totally see pairing this with a skirt and burgundy sweater for holiday parties! This much more reasonably priced blouse from Old Navy has a similar boho feel at a fraction of the cost.

The Pants
I’m relatively new to the world of colored pants, so these olive pants were a great neutral stepping-stone for me. I received these pants in my February Stitch Fix and they are called the Kut from the Kloth Denna Colored Skinny Jean, even though they aren’t actually jean’s material. They look a lot like these Diana Stretch Twill pants from Nordstrom. If you prefer something a little warmer, I’m loving this corduroy version in dark olive. Actually I love the mosaic blue version too and wish they were on sale!

The Sweater
You’ve seen it before and you’ll see it again and again and again. What can I say, the J.Crew Factory Clare cardigan is a favorite!

The Shoes
Here’s another pair of favorite sandals that I just packed away for winter. I didn’t really find any super awesome deals on Sam Edelman sandals – which is annoying since it’s the end of the season – but if you do the legwork I normally snap them up this time of year at Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack!

Look #3: Polka Dots make me Happy

October Style 3

The Blouse
I woke up super grumpy, so I reached for this cute polka dot blouse because NOBODY can stay grumpy while wearing polka dots! I’ve had this blouse for a while, having received it in my July 2014 Stitch Fix and it’s the Pomelo Missy Polka Dot Tab-Sleeve Blouse. This one from Loft is super cute (and on super clearance, final sale for size medium). If you want something a little more structured, this non-iron dot shirt from Banana Republic would look great mixed with pretty much everything in your wardrobe.

The Pants
I talked about these pants in last month’s post and I actually JUST retired one of my pairs from last year, so I now “only” have three pairs. They are the Democracy Ab Solution Booty Lift Jeggings and they are totally the bees knees. If you have a Nordstrom Rack by you, I’ve noticed that they’ve been stocked up the last few times I’ve visited. You can also find limited sizes here: in black and in a super dark blue. They also still have them on Amazon here: Democracy Women’s AB Solution and Booty Lift Technology Jegging.

While I was shopping around for you, I also found these Democracy colored jeans so I ordered a pair since I’ve been dying for a pair of burgundy jeans.  I’ll keep you posted on how they fit!

The Shoes
These are the perfect black shoes that I posted about earlier this month and they are my absolute favorite flats! They literally needed no breaking in time at all and I’ve been wearing them to work almost nonstop since I bought them. The best part is that they are $50! They are called the 14th & Union Alexis Flat and I have them in Black Snake.

Bonus Boot Recommendation
For years and years I was super jealous of all those ladies who could rock a knee-high boot, because I could never find a pair that fit my calves. Which is funny, because I didn’t realize that apparently I have hulk-like calves until I started trying on boots. If I could get a pair to fit, they then had that super weird baggy elephant ankle thing going on.

Do you know what I mean, or is it just me?!

Anyways, last year I found a pair of black Naturalizer wide-leg boots that I fell in love with and wore almost every single day while it was cold and snowy. I wore them so much, that I figured it would be a good idea to invest in a brown pair for this year. They aren’t exactly like last year’s version, but they are gorgeous, fit my (apparently) huge calves, and are less than $100. So, if you are looking for a pair be sure to try these out! Here are the brown ones I bought and here they are in black.

Are you still digging my monthly “My Style” feature? Do you have a favorite October look?


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3 thoughts on “My Style: October Favorite Outfits”

  1. I love your style posts, definitely keep doing it please 🙂 Can you explain a little more about why those jeggings are the bee’s knees? I have a pair from Maurice’s that I suffer wearing occasionally, but I’d love a boot friendly pair that I didn’t hate 🙂

    1. They are super soft and stretchy with an elastic waistband (hiding behind the zipper/button). They also hold their shape through more than one wearing without getting all baggy. =)

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