My Style: September 2023

September was my ‘goodbye to summer’ month, as the weather has switched over from those hot, steamy days to… well, unending rain from Tropical Storm Ophelia. At this point, I’ve packed away my tank tops and switched over to more of an autumnal color palette. However, even though the mornings have been a little chilly, I haven’t turned on the heat in our home quite yet!

Work Outfits:

This month, I had some office days, a couple lunch meetings, and I also made the 4-hour drive to Atlantic City for an annual conference. This year for the conference, I grabbed dresses out of my closet that I haven’t worn for a while. It ended up being super helpful, because I realized that I just fuss and fix and can’t get comfortable in that purple floral wrap dress (bottom left)… so it will be hitting my Poshmark closet soon. The other dresses are keepers though. And hello to my comfortable jeans, I’ve missed them so!

Casual Outfits

Another couple items hit the chopping block when it came to my casual clothes this month. The floral skirt was previously a maxi… but I grabbed a pair of scissors, chopped off 9 inches and sewed up a hem before running out the door to a lunch meeting. Now it’s a keeper! The red skirt was a ‘maybe’… but then I wore it and loved it all over again. Now I’m thinking I need to style it again for fall before it gets too chilly and I need to add fleece-lined tights to all my outfits.

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2 thoughts on “My Style: September 2023”

  1. I am afraid it will get humid again. One night, the heat could’ve been nice, but we put on a hoodie and left the thermostat where it was. Jeans are making a comeback, which is nice, because I can only wear capris so much!
    I like those skirts, really pretty, and the jeans look so comfortable. Have a good day!

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