No Buy July Update: What I Bought

So you can totally tell by the title that I wasn’t exactly 100% successful in my goal of a No Buy July. I started out really strong though! I hit ‘unsubscribe’ on those pesky emails that tell me about sales every other day and planned not to tempt myself with any store visits. I also avoided the Nordstrom Anniversary sale like the plague, even though SOME bloggers have posted a dozen posts of what I absolutely MUST buy (my thoughts on the sale). So yeah, I rocked No Buy July for over 20 days straight. Yay me!

And then, I fell off the wagon.

I had a super crappy day and decided to hit up the Nordstrom Rack on my way home to do some medicinal browsing. I figured, it can’t hurt to look and if I see something I totally can’t resist… well, it is what it is.

Oops #1: Rebecca Taylor jacket, $79


As luck would have it, I came across a totally gorgeous Rebecca Taylor boucle jacket. It’s actually this exact one from the Rebecca Taylor website that had an original price of $525. I typically wear blazers to work a few times a month and this one is both super lightweight and also really comfortable. It was marked down first to $199.97 and then to $78.75… so I went ahead and scooped it up. I super-lightened up the photo so you can see all the fun details on the jacket. I can see me wearing it with a blouse and skinny pants, or layering it over a patterned dress for work.

Oops #2: Calvin Klein shirt, $11

Since I had already broken my No Buy July fast, I didn’t fight myself much at all when my truck automatically pulled into the parking lot of one of my favorite thrift stores when I was running errands. Once again, just a bit of browsing led to a sale. Typically I wouldn’t pay $11 for a thrifted shirt, since that seems pretty high for second-hand. However, this one was in perfect (but without tags) condition and fit me really well. It’s a super soft fabric throughout the body with a nice drape, and the shoulders have a soft metallic contrast fabric. I can see me wearing this with jeans and a scarf during the fall/winter, or tucking it into a skirt for a more casual workday.

Oops #3: Lularoe Madison skirt, $8

When perusing Instagram a few days ago, I actually screenshot someone who was wearing a Lularoe “Madison” skirt in a really cute outfit. I did a little ebay searching and saw some options for around $30ish, so I figured I’d check back after No Buy July had ended. Well, as luck would have it a new with tags Madison skirt was on the rack at the thrift store. It was a small though, which typically would NOT fit me. However, Lularoe sizing is kind of weird, because the small fit fine. Even better, it was just $8 to try out the style. Not too shabby and I already wore it over the weekend.

While I didn’t totally succeed at No Buy July, I spent less than $100 on clothing for the month. So, that’s actually quite a win for me!

Did you participate in No Buy July? Did you stick with it better than I did?


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2 thoughts on “No Buy July Update: What I Bought”

  1. The Madison skirt is my favorite! I’m so jealous you found one for so cheap! I have stuck to my actual size and actually purchased one a size up, but now I’ll have to try a size smaller than I usually wear! Thanks!

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