Revisiting 2017: Top Family Posts

With the year coming to a close, I thought I’d take this last week of 2017 to revisit some of my most popular posts from the last 12 months. So join me in checking out my most popular Family posts… maybe you missed them the first time around so it’s all new to you!

This Morning
The one where Jack made me late to work because he couldn’t decide which pair of underpants to wear.

Losing our Last PopPop
My last grandparent passed away this year, so this was a goodbye to my last PopPop.

Nap Time is My Favorite
Jack stopped napping in the fall, so I already miss those days of family naps.

The Day I Forgot Jack’s Coat
Call me a bad mommy if you want, but he survived.

We Couldn’t Have Done it Without Mimi & Dippy
My mom and dad (or Mimi and Dippy, according to Jack) have been there every step of the way!

I hope you enjoyed looking back at some of my favorite posts. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my Top Fashion posts and then on Thursday you’ll get my Top Random posts of 2017!

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