Reviewing MissionCute: the September Box

So I had originally intended to do a super snazzy “This or That” post for you so that you can help me decide what to pull from my closet for an upcoming wedding. It was going to be an awkward fashion show and everything, which I know you guys love.

Unfortunately, I’m sick.

Yup, my disease carrying monkey infected both my mom and me with his HFMD. I haven’t gotten the blisters yet (my mom has), so right now I just feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. It was kind of inevitable considering Jack has been kissing me, boogering on me and stealing my drinks to share. I’m just crossing my fingers that this passes quickly.

Anyways, the point is… a fashion show is NOT in the cards today. The idea of having to change out of my pj pants and put on makeup makes the fever sweats kick in even harder and NOBODY needs to see pictures of that.

Instead, I decided to share with you a fun mailbox surprise… the September MissionCute Box. I had so much fun reviewing the August box and I was super happy when Samantha emailed me that she was sending over a September box. YAY for Birthday LOVE!

The nonprofit partner for the September box is Bright Blessings. Bright Blessings is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and works to bring joy, recognition and support to homeless children and families during difficult times in their lives. Every year, the organization makes a positive impact in the lives of thousands of needy youth and families across multiple counties around Charlotte. As with each MissionCute box, 50% of the net proceeds were donated to this month’s nonprofit partner.

Let’s take a look inside this month’s box:

Mission Cute September - notebook

Item #1: Good Vibes Only Notebook from Bearsley & Bunski
This notebook is super adorable and is a great size to fit in my purse. Bearsley & Bunski has a cool etsy shop and I’m also loving these “I am Grateful” notebooks. They also have some naughty notebooks if you’re into that kinda thing. Teehee.

Mission Cute September - Drawstring bag

Item #2: MissionCute Drawstring Bag
Check out this baby, it folds up super small and can be used for pretty much anything… a mini bag of wipes and diapers for a still not potty-trained toddler. Or, maybe a change of clothes for after a Mommy and Me swimming lesson at the gym. Super cute design and great little accessory to have sitting around for those ‘need a bag’ emergencies.

Mission Cute September - print

Item #3: Do What You Love print from Sable & Snow
This is my FAVORITE item in the entire box. This illustrated print is right up my alley, which is why I’ve already hung it in my office. The entire Sable & Snow website is gorgeous and I kind of wish I was getting married again so I could order their illustrated wedding invitations and thank you cards!

Cotton Monster also loves the print:

Mission Cute September - print in place

Because, why wouldn’t he?!

Mission Cute September - watch

Item #4: Polka Dot Watch
So you know that MissionCute loves their polka dots (check out their dotted tissue paper I use as the background for each picture), but this is a whole lotta love. This polka dotted watch is super cute and I really like that the watch face is over-sized for a boyfriend-watch look. This will be gorgeous peeking out from long sleeved tops and sweaters this winter and I can’t wait to start wearing it.

Mission Cute September - pens

Item #5: Positive Pens from Paper Trail
I’m always in need of pens at my house. Half the time, they disappear with Travis to work and never return. The other half of the time, Ollie sneaks up on my desk, pulls one down onto the floor and adds a couple bite marks. These pens are super cute and I’m hoping that I can hang on to them for awhile!

Mission Cute September - stickers

Item #6: Pink Heart Stickers from Thatch & Thistle
To celebrate partnering with Thatch & Thistle for new packaging designs, MissionCute threw in a pack of these cute pink heart stickers. Now when I mail my mortgage payments I can totally add a little love. Just kidding, I’ll probably use them to seal my love notes to Katie.

All in all, I’m still totally in love with the MissionCute subscription boxes. Especially because they sent me this sweet little note.

Mission Cute September - Note

If you’re interested in subscribing for a MissionCute box of your own, the cost is $39 for one month, $108 for three months or $198 for 6 months. I agree that it’s a bit pricy, but 50% of the proceeds are donated to a different nonprofit each month. Also, if you ever get something that you don’t love you can keep it to go into an upcoming holiday gift!

Mission Cute also offer a refer-a-friend bonus. If you refer two friends who purchase boxes, you’ll get the next month’s box for free. Click here if you’d like to use my special MissionCute referral link.

What do you think, does this subscription box look like something you’d like to receive? Are you loving the polka dot watch? Do you need a “Do What You Love” print in your home office?


Disclaimer: MissionCute provided me with a free box for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. If you choose to click through on the referral link I provided, I will be able to earn a free MissionCute box for the future. Thank you in advance for anyone who decided to click through, because I’m in love with this box and would totally want to get another one!

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  1. The best part is the hand-written note! I also like the print, and I like Cotton Monster. I hope you’re feeling better soon!!

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