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I love trying out new things, whether it be a personal stylist in a box, yummy spreadable cookies or a kit to make my own lip balm. Last week I asked my readers if there was a company, service or item that they were dying to see me review and Katherine suggested I try out True&Co.

True&Co is an online bra service that uses your current favorite bra data and a 2-minute style quiz to determine your perfect bra options and provide them to you in a personalized store. They have a home try-on program where they send you 5 bras to try on for free. You keep and pay for what you want and return what you don’t.

Kinda like Stitch Fix for boobs.

But not, because you get to pick three of the bras that they send you and then they surprise you with two others. Also, unlike Stitch Fix there is no charge for the service… even if you send everything back. The only catch is that you need to send what you don’t like back within 5 day or you’ll pay a $20 late fee.

I actually went to one of those fancy schmancy bra shops about a year ago to be properly fit for a bra and I was not impressed. Even though they measured me, the sizes they had me try on did not fit correctly. I’ve honestly done better on my own through trial-and-error of taking 50 bras into a dressing room and coming out with maybe 2 winners.

I was a bit skeptical about True&Co, but when I saw that they also offered exercise bras – including the one that I’ve been stalking on – I signed up immediately!

True and co quiz question

I took their Fit Quiz and they gave me a huge selection of gorgeous bras that I might want to try. I picked three favorites (including the Panache bra I’ve been eyeing) and submitted my order. Less than a week later and they arrived at my house for me to try on:

True and co - opened box

Panache Sport Bra - Pocketful of Joules

Panache Sport Bra (chose by me) – $68
When I mentioned in a recent post that I have to wear two exercise bras to keep my goodies from bringing all the boys to the yard (or knocking me out on a run), a friend on Instagram suggested I try the Panache Sport Bra. When I was reading reviews on, many people said that you should size down in the rib measurement, but up in the cup size to get the best fit. So, I was pleasantly surprised when True&Co suggested that I do exactly that with this bra.

I was MOST excited to try this bra on and was totally devastated when I could hardly force the clasp to close. Apparently sizing down in the band was the not the right choice for me. After a hearty struggle, I did finally get it closed, but it was way too tight with overflow happening pretty much everywhere.

The bra is made really well though and I love the fabric and the fact that they’ve made underwire work in a sports bra. I’m definitely going to order this in another size and try it again.

A space girls dream bra - Pocketful of Joules

A Space Girl’s Dream bra (chose by me) – $44
This bra looks much like my current favorites, so I figured I’d try it out. I normally wear Wacoal bras, so I was interested to see that based on my Wacoal sizing, I should go down in rib measurement and up in cup size for this style.

When I took this bra out of the box, I pretty much already decided that I was going to buy it. The fabric is gorgeous and I love the little stripy design that runs around the band. It also has the perfect amount of light padding for a smooth look, but no push-up action. Unfortunately, the fit was off. Once again, the suggested smaller band size worked against me and it was way too tight. This is another one that I’m going to try again in a different size.

Brallelujah Racerback - Pocketful of Joules

Brallelujah Racerback (chose by me) – $62
Okay, so now I’m singing Bralllelujah, Brallelujah all over the house, which is worrying Ollie. I chose this bra because I have a love affair with racerbacks. I just find them all around comfy and enjoy the “BOOM, THERE IT IS” when you unsnap the front to unleash the girls on the world at the end of the day. I thought the Joules-ish color would work well for summer, since most of my bras are black and this could go under some tops without showing through.

In reality, this bra is horrible and one of the most unsexy bras I’ve ever seen. The cups are WAY too padded with extra padding in the bottom to push the ladies up and out. The fabric of the bra was strangely reminiscent of shapewear… and then I realized that the bra is made by Spanx and it totally makes sense. This one is definitely going back.

Made of Stars bra - Pocketful of Joules

Made of Stars (chosen by them) – $44
This is one of the bras that they chose for me and unfortunately it is NOT actually made of stars. When I saw this bra in person, it reminded me of pretty much every bra I owned about 15 years ago – not very fashionable, no structure and just kind of blah. The bright orange piece on the clasp area is cute, but defeats the purpose of this being almost skin colored. If you wear it under a light shirt, you’ll see the bright orange block. The fit didn’t do anything for me, so this one is going back as well.

Marielle bra - Pocketful of Joules

Marielle (chosen by them) – $45
This is another surprise option that was sent to me by True&Co and they sent it to me in my typical bra size (with no sizing up or down). When I first saw it, I thought it was okay. But then I tried it on and the lace placement makes it quite sexy. I’m not normally a white bra person, but the lacy part is soft and the whole bra is pretty comfortable. It fits very nicely everywhere, except the back. There is a bit of squishy back fat situation going on. Although this one is really cute, it’s being returned and I don’t love it enough to reorder it in another size.

Returning the bras was super easy, as they provide a return bag and label in your box. So, within a couple minutes, I taped the label to the front of the bag and walked it down to my mailbox. Easy-peasy and the order is heading back to their company within 24 hours of it being delivered.

My thoughts on True&Co:
Even though I ended up sending all five bras pack, I have to say that I love this service. They don’t charge anything to have the bras sent to me to try on (they put a hold on your credit card, but there is no initial charge) and I think they had a great selection to choose from.

The prices were comparable to what I would pay at the mall and actually much cheaper that I paid at the fancy bra store. Having the bras sent directly to you is a really great option for moms of small children, because it totally saves you from the always awkward “Sorry my kid is looking under the dressing room door” apology. Also, with free delivery and free return shipping it’s a WIN-WIN for anyone to try out.

I actually liked the company so much that I reached out to them to see if they could hook my readers up with a discount code, and they did! If you use this link you can get $15 off your purchase. The link has no expiration date, so you can order your own box of free bras whenever you’d like to try them out. I do want to point out that I get credit if anyone uses my referral code, but much like any review I’ve done on this blog I NEVER give a company a positive review unless I think they actually deserve it!

Although I didn’t purchase anything from this shipment, I’m going to place another order so I can try the black bra and exercise bra in different sizes. I’m also thinking about trying out some of their loungewear, panties and other sassy accessories. For free delivery and free shipping, why not?! Not these though because although my body may be a wonderland, it is not a garden.

Would you try a box of bras at home instead of going to the mall? Do you routinely contort into strange positions to make sure you don’t have back-fat? Do you have a company, service or product that you wish I’d review?


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by True&Co. They did not ask me to review their service or reward me for doing so. True&Co did give me a special referral link for my readers though and if you decide to use it for your purchase to save $15 off your order I will receive a small referral reward. Here is my link. So thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction.


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10 thoughts on “Trying on Bras with True&Co”

  1. Thanks for taking my suggestion! I will be trying this sometime soon – especially since you can return them for free!

    1. Good luck! It certainly was nice to try them on in the privacy of my own house and then just pop them back out to the mailbox! =)

  2. I hate bra shopping. As with most clothes, the size range for me is so all over the place that I have to go try things on in order to see if they fit. If that were not an issue with me, I’d LOVE to try this out. Free shipping and someone else doing the real work? Yes, please!

    Have you tried Bark Box? I’d be interested to see how that is and if Ollie likes it.

    1. I haven’t tried Bark Box because it’s kind of expensive — I can’t justify spending $30 a month on dog toys and treats!

  3. Gah, they don’t have my size yet but they are going to let me know when they do. Seems like a great service, cause I hate bra shopping.

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