Warby Parker: 2024 Try-On

It seems like I just published a post about buying new glasses with Warby Parker, but time flies… because that was 2 years ago! You can find my original Warby Parker: Deciding on New Glasses post here. Well, two years later and my vision got a bit blurry again, so it’s time to order a new pair of specs!

Last time I did a try-on, I had a runner up favorite. So, this time I was kinda thinking I’d just order them and be done with it. However, when I went to click on the frame style – called the Madeleine – I saw that they are now also available in a new purply color called Orchard. And I wasn’t sure if I should stick with the original Cherry Blossom Fade pink version that I previously liked, or try the purple pair. So, it seemed like the perfect excuse to do another Try-On box!

Try-On Box Instructions:

It’s super easy, you just go to the Warby Parker website and click on “Home Try-On.” Then, pick out 5 pairs of glasses you’d like to try. They send them to you with clear lenses and you have 5 days to try them and send them back with a provided label.

The 5 frames I tried this time are: Madeleine in Cherry Blossom Fade, Madeleine in Orchard, Weathers in Periwinkle Crystal, Shea in Rose Guava and Hartman in Striped Cypress. I was thinking I wanted to do a pink or purple frame, but that green one was so pretty I threw it in too. I actually didn’t realize that I tried the Weathers on last time too… just in green.

Here they all are:

I posted the photos on socials over the weekend to get feedback and of course it’s all over the place:

  • Instagram: out of 22 votes, the top two winners were Shea in Rose Guava (13) and Madeleine in Cherry Blossom Fade (9).
  • Threads: out of 46 votes, the top winners were Hartman in Striped Cypress (12), Madeleine in Cherry Blossom Fade (11) and Shea in Rose Guava (10).
  • Family: I texted the photos to my mom and sisters, and of course I asked Travis and Jack for their favorites too. The top winners were Cherry Blossom Fade (3) and Shea in Rose Guava (3).

Which just goes to show you that EVERYONE has their own opinion!

While I do really like the Hartman in Striped Cypress, my last pair of glasses were black and green, so I figured I’d go for something different this time. So, with everyone’s help I narrowed it down to these two favorites:

I really like them both, so I’m thinking I’ll order the Madeleine Cherry Blossom frames for my ‘regular glasses’ (for wearing in the evenings, lazy weekend mornings and if my contact lenses are being mean). AND I’ll order the Shea Rose Guava for my reader’s prescription, so basically for book reading (worn in addition to my contact lenses).

I’m going to sit with that decision a day or two and then send back the Try-On Box and make my order. (I’ll update this post with my final cost once I place my order). What do you think — did I make the right choice?

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