January Thrift Haul

I had some great thrifting luck in January and snapped up some pretty fabulous deals. In addition to the ‘on the hanger’ photos, I also tried to get some in-person photos so you can see how I plan to style each item.

The Limited Signature Midi Dress, size Large, $10.99

This is totally the casual dress of my dreams. It’s black, has a fitted drawstring waist, flowy skirt AND I can throw it in the washing machine! This thrift score still had the tags on it from The Limited with the original price of $69.

I will absolutely be wearing this on weekends all spring and summer long and probably use it as a cover-up at the beach too. I did a quick search on eBay for “Limited Signature Midi Dress” and there are some available in a variety of colors: black, white, pink, grey, plum, teal and olive (you can find them here). Right now it has a bit of a high-low skirt… but I’m considering chopping it to knee-length.

Pure Jill Stretch Tencel Textured Tunic, size Large, $3.49

Let me start by saying I’m not totally sure about this tunic. I really like that it is a tencel/spandex mix (aka, I shouldn’t be covered in wrinkles by the end of the day) but I’m not really a tunic person. I do have a couple pairs of slim work pants though… so I’m going to try this out and see if I like it. It’s not much of a risk considering that it sold at J. Jill for $115 and I bought it for less than a grande caramel macchiato at Starbucks! Worst case scenario, is that I wear it once and then list it on Poshmark.

Loft metallic dot sweater, size Large, $6.99

I love the medium gray shade of this sweater with the subtle metallic dots. It fits me well and I already wore it to work tucked into a dark grey marled skirt (also thrifted, of course) for a business casual look. I tend not to buy Loft at thrift stores because in my opinion the sweaters show wear pretty quickly, but this one is in great condition so I’ll take the risk for $7. Similar sweaters are sold for $50 – 60 on the Loft website.

Green Boden cardigan, size US10, $7.99
Spotted Boden cardigan, size US10, $7.99

Someone must have been getting rid of their Boden sweater collection in my size, because I came across three different Boden cardigans at the same thrift store. One was way too loved for me to buy (lots of pilling) but I scooped up the other two. This green sweater has a pretty detail on the shoulders and I really like the muted green color. The knit is a mix of: 42% cotton, 31% viscose, 22% nylon and 5% cashmere. This exact sweater isn’t on their website, but it is similar to their “Favourite Crew Cardigan” that sells for $80.

The spotted cardigan is a blend of: 35% cotton, 30% viscose, 22% nylon, 5% cashmere. I think that this will be a pretty topper for the spring. I can see me wearing this with a tee shirt and jeans over the weekend, or paired with a solid blouse and trousers for work.

I’m interested to see how the Boden sweaters wear over time, so I’m happy to try them out for a thrifted price rather than buying one new

McLaughlin v-neck sweater, size Large, $8.49

I wasn’t familiar with the brand J. McLaughlin, but I liked the oversized look of this classic v-neck sweater. I did a quick google search while I was in the store and the brand seems to be similar to J.Crew with preppy/classic clothing.

This navy sweater was in the ladies sweater section, but I’m pretty sure it’s this exact one from their website: the Men’s Milton sweater for $145. I have a similar v-neck sweater I thrifted a couple months ago and I’ve been wearing it nonstop on weekends. So this one will also get plenty of wear all winter long. In fact, I threw it in the washer and dryer that Sunday and then wore it on Monday.

Roz & Ali embellished sweater, size 1X, $7.99

My inner magpie called to me when I saw this sweater… I just can’t resist a little well-placed sparkle. I did a little googling and it looks like Roz & Ali has a few stores throughout the US and is also carried at Dress Barn. Their embellished sweaters go for about $40, so they are pretty affordable.

I washed this sweater the weekend I bought it (I washed it on cold inside a delicates bag and then let it hang dry) and already wore it to work with a floral skirt. I can see pairing this with a couple other skirts in my closet and maybe also a pair of slim trousers too. One note though if you go hunting for your own Roz & Ali sweater… I’m wearing a 1X and it fit like a typical large. So, be sure to try on a few sizes to find your perfect fit.

Merona wrap dress, size XXL, $10.99

This dress is yet another lesson in totally ignoring size tags. I didn’t see anything in the 10/12 area of dresses, so I wandered over to the larger sizes in search of a large or extra large. This one is an XXL and was marked with a size 17/18 tag… but it’s a wrap dress and fits me totally FINE. I’ve been on a low key hunt for a great red work dress for a while because the university where I work has red as one of their school colors.

My only drawback on this dress was that it was a bit long when I tried it on. So I washed it (to see if it would shrink at all) and then measured and hemmed it to knee-length. I totally RUINED the hemming process on this one because the fabric was much too stretchy for my thread. So, I dropped it off at my local drycleaner so that they could re-hem my mess. I picked it up on a Friday night and then wore it to a work event on Saturday morning. LOVE it!

If you enjoy my thrift haul posts, keep an eye out for Thursday’s post… for a Secondhand Style challenge!

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10 thoughts on “January Thrift Haul”

  1. LOVE that red dress on you. You are so good at styling yourself, I’m totally jealous. Everything you choose fits well and looks amazing – I aspire to someday have your fashion sense.

    1. Thank you so much, that red dress was a lucky score! I found that by figuring out a couple combos that look good on me I can just replicate them over and over again!

  2. Love your thrift store scores! The stores around me almost never have this type of clothing. We used to have a Junior League resale shop walking distance from my house and it was amazing! The ladies had organized it by color and style. Unfortunately, it closed and was replaced by a 24-hr fitness place, that I don’t go near 🙂

  3. The outfit with the sparked sweater is my favorite. The red dress is very pretty on you, as well. I bought a dress for an event in June, paying $4.00! It is beautiful. I plan on going back, the cleaners sewed the neckline, and did a great job.

  4. I love that red dress on you! As for Boden cardigans, the fabric mix you listed for both cardigans does show wear after a few wears, unfortunately. I have that exact cardigan in that color – I think it was called the pretty cardigan and it’s from 2012 or earlier. I wore it quite a bit but no longer as it has a bit of pilling and no longer has a smooth appearance. But you got it for a bargain as it was sold for $78 or so. Thanks for sharing – you’ve inspired me to check out thrift shops!

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