My September Wantable Fitness Edit

I explained a couple months ago that I could really use some new running clothes, since I have been training for my upcoming Team Relay Marathon. I first tried the Wantable Fitness Edit in July (you can check it out here) and ended up falling in love with a pair of capris that have been in heavy rotation since I bought them. Then, in August I got another box and was less impressed… but ended up with a tank top that I’ve worn a couple times (full review here).

Well, I can definitely say that my September Fitness Edit will be my last one. I have a few complaints, but the main one is that their stylists don’t listen at all!

When you give feedback on each item and fill in the “notes” for your stylist to review, you’d think that they would keep that on file… but instead it is very obvious that they don’t. For example, when I first signed up I told them that I hated tops that cling to my tummy. Well, for my August box I got TWO clingy tops. When I gave feedback on my July box, I told them that I really don’t need any more black leggings. I was using the Fitness Edit as a way to find something new and fun. So, what did I get this month? Black leggings.

Enough jibber-jabber from me, just WAIT until you see what I got this month. Honestly, it’s like they read my feedback and decide to totally mess with me…

Wantable Fitness Edit - September Review- Pocketful of Joules

Item #1: Cory Vines The Path Crop Leggings in Onyx – $49
Hey look, it’s a pair of black leggings that look exactly like every other pair of black leggings in the entire world! They are high-waisted. They are black. There is absolutely nothing exciting or fun about them. With that being said, they are literally the only item from the box that I’ll be keeping because I don’t want to waste my $20 styling fee. Yay, black leggings. I’m wearing them in all the pictures below if you want to have your mind blown with how they look exactly like black leggings.

September Edit - 1

Item #2: Teel Loose V-Neck Tank in White – $36
Does this look like a ripped up old white tank top to you? Well, you’d be wrong. According to the order details this tank top has “a raw edge detail for a chic updated look.” Let’s take a closer look at how “chic” it is:

September Edit - 1a

Aaahh, I see. By cutting parts out of the bottom and sewing the seams up crooked we are being “chic”… good to know. And here I thought it just looked like some sort of shark bite/zombie struggle for $36. Gotcha. Well, at least it isn’t skin-tight like last month’s tank tops!

September Edit - 2

Item #3: Cory Vines Neighborhood Breeze Tank in Onyx – $30
When I picked up this black tank top to put it on I literally said out loud, “What in the HOT DAMN am I looking at right now?!” Apparently it is a tank top with an opening on each side.

September Edit - 2a

I’m guessing that if you are super toned and fit with washboard abs that you’d revel in the feeling of the shirt slits blowing open as you run your 4 minute mile. However, I don’t have washboard abs. Or a 4 minute mile. And I don’t really need to show everyone all my goodies, which is why I put it on OVER the white shark bite shirt. There is no disguising it, it’s pretty hideous and kind of reminds me of the crop top from Daily Look that I made fun of last spring. Blegh.

September Edit - 3

Item #4: Teel Cross Back Long Sleeve Tee in Pink – $49
So we go from trying to show off all my goodies to this. Let me just give you a minute to soak this in – the dropped shoulders, super long sleeves and butt wings. That’s right, my butt has wings. I’m literally staring at the picture trying to figure out what to say about this top and I’m at a loss. Hmm… let me think of something nice to say. Um… It’s not too small. Yup, that’s all I’ve got. Also, can you imagine me trying to run in this?

September Edit 4

Item #5: Teel Dyed Long Sleeve Hoodie – $88
So apparently my stylist is a big fan of the brands Teel and Cory Vines, because that was all that was in this box. Oh, and she’s obviously a fan of crappy, terrible looking clothing. This hoodie is ALMOST not ugly. Because that’s what I’m looking for, clothing that is ALMOST not hideous. It’s $88 worth of ugly hoodie. Also, it’s this really heavy, fuzzy fabric that doesn’t breathe at all. So if I tried to run in it I’d probably suffocate and pass out on the side of the road… while looking like some sort of animal already crapped on me. COME ON, admit it. They are messing with me, right?!

So there you go, after three months I’m DONE DONE DONE. This Fitness Edit was just horrible. They disregarded all of my notes and sent me items that you’d find in the clearance section of a discount store. The fact that the merchandise total came to $252 for the box is an absolute joke.

In order not to waste my $20 styling fee, I’ll be buying yet another pair of black leggings. At least it was good for a laugh though!

What do you think was the worst item from the box? Are you totally jealous of my butt wings?

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16 thoughts on “My September Wantable Fitness Edit”

  1. The dark tank is the absolute worst choice, and I’m still wrapping my head around the no sides part of it. I don’t run, and that top does not inspire me to start.

  2. I actually kind of like the butt-wing shirt, though maybe in a different color & not for running & definitely not at that price. I think it’s cause I like to hide my butt, & super long sleeves… looks kind of snuggly. 🙂

    1. I love a snuggly shirt… but unfortunately this one wasn’t very snuggly, just oddly cut. Oh and it is just me or is the top totally the color of a band-aid?

  3. I’m sorry the clothes didn’t work out (they’re HORRIBLE), but I love reading horrible reviews. This cracked me up!!! Thank you for the laugh 🙂

  4. So now I know what not to sign up for. I am a runner, but I wouldn’t wear any of these items. I mean, I need clothing that covers me, doesn’t suffocate me, and isn’t ripped to shreds. (My cat could rip my clothes apart if I really wanted her to.)

    Black leggings are….original? I just don’t understand the stylists.

  5. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for almost a year now, but I felt the need to comment on this post because it’s hilarious and amazing. Thank you for trying all these clothes boxes so that we (your readers) can all waste less time and money, and focus on subscribing to the best ones! 🙂 Also, I’m a huge fan of yours. You are so real and awesome and funny. Looking forward to more reviews!

    Oh, and the worst item is hands down that white tank. If anyone came to the gym wearing that, I’d assume they didn’t have anything else clean and had to wear a shirt their dog accidentally chewed up. LOL.

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