Trunk Club Review: Casual Friday

When I started at my new job, one of the perks that I was excited about is that I’m allowed to wear jeans on Friday’s. JEANS ON FRIDAYS! I haven’t done that for years and years! It opened up a whole new bunch of work outfits… and then I realized that my closet had a great big “Casual Friday’s” hole in it.

I mean, I have plenty of work clothes and plenty of casual clothes…but I was lacking in the whole dressy but casual vibe where I could still look professional while wearing jeans to the office.

T-shirts + jeans were too casual. I don’t have many work blouses that work with pants… most of them are the tuck-into-skirts kind of blouses. I have a couple sleeveless blouses that would work with sweaters, but I wanted a few more options.

So it worked out perfectly that some credits just hit my Trunk Club account… I reached out to my stylist and gave her these instructions:

“It’s a professional setting, so jeans can’t be distressed and tops should be more polished (not boho). Think classy boss lady in jeans. No blazers though.”

As always, she sent over a preview and I tweaked it a little with some feedback on how she can fill it out. The first Trunk she sent over had promise, but when I got it and tried on everything… I didn’t love ANYTHING. There were fit issues galore and it ended with me throwing some pants across the room and vowing to pass up dessert for the next year.

Which we all know isn’t going to happen. So I did the next best thing… I sent the whole trunk back and asked her to try again. My stylist sent over another preview – this one much more on the mark – and I approved it to come to my house for a home fashion show.

Here is what she sent over:

If you’re new to my Trunk Club reveals (you can find them all here), I don’t typically photograph every single one of the items. When the Trunk first arrives, I usually go through it and narrow down my choices to a pile of my favorites. Let’s check them out!

Outfit #1:

Outfit Details: Halogen Long Cardigan in Grey Heather, $79 (on sale for $47.40), Loveappella Scoop Neck Peplum Top, $48, AG Harper Slim Straight Leg Jeans in Smitten, $178

Out of all the bottoms my stylist sent over, these AG jeans fit my body the best. I like that they were fitted through the leg and then had more of a straight leg at the cuff. However, I have a pair that are almost identical to these in color (my favorite jeans from a previous Trunk), so I’m sending this pair back. Also (spoiler alert) I have an upcoming blog post about Mott + Bow jeans and I LOVE them… I’ll be showing them to you very soon!

As for the tops, the floral peplum tee is super soft and stretchy and I like the longer duster-type of cardigan. My only complaint is that the cardigan is a bit too warm for me. I tend to overheat – even in the work air conditioning – so I’m looking for a cardigan that is a bit more lightweight.

Outfit #2

Outfit Details: Halogen lace peplum tee, $49 (on sale for $29.40), NIC+ZOE Sea Glass Linen Blend Cardigan, $148, AG Harper Slim Straight Leg Jeans in Smitten, $178

Another peplum top for this look… this time it has a black stretchy top and two layers of lace at the bottom. Upon closer inspection, this top makes me look about 5 months pregnant. Which is cool, if you’re pregnant. But my baby is 7 years old. So, yeah.

I do really like this linen lightweight cardigan and the colors are beautiful. The price is pretty darn high though and honestly I don’t think I’d get $148 worth of wear out of it in my closet. These are the same jeans as the first outfit.

Outfit #3

Outfit Details: Curves 360 by NYDJ “Perfect” blouse, $89, AG Harper Slim Straight Leg Jeans in Smitten, $178

This black blouse is called the “perfect” blouse and it really is pretty much perfect. It has pleats at both the shoulder and back yoke, and has a curved hem and notch-detailed cuffs. I love the three-quarter sleeves and the split neck with hidden front buttons. Best of all, it fits both my chest AND my shoulders. It really is the perfect black blouse! I checked the Nordstrom website and it comes in regular and plus size, and there are even a bunch of patterns… so I may be buying another one at some point (I like this herringbone pattern and it’s on sale too!).

I love this blouse for a casual Friday look, as pictured with a pair of dark jeans and patterned shoes. I could also use this to layer under cardigans when the weather gets cold, or to tuck into some of my patterned skirts without having to worry about pushing the sleeves up all the live-long day. This blouse is a winner for me! I already wore it to work with my new magical jeans:

My Final Thoughts

Yes, I know it seems pretty boring that all I ended up with from this Trunk is a black blouse. However, I’m at the point where I want to be really thoughtful on what I add to my closet. I think this blouse will be perfect for casual Fridays and also mixing in with my normal workwear wardrobe!

Do you think I made the best choice from this Trunk?

If you want to have Amelia style a Trunk for you I have her linked to my referral code here: (Please note: if you use my referral link it will cost you nothing extra and it earns me a small amount to go towards items in my next Trunk).

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Trunk Club, I pay for any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you enjoyed my review and decide to try Trunk Club for yourself, the biggest compliment you can give me is by using my referral link. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction! This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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2 thoughts on “Trunk Club Review: Casual Friday”

  1. I like outfit one the best! Rewlly cute, and you don’t even need the cardigan. I think it would look perfect without it. I agree, that black blouse can be worn with everything!

    I have Stitch Fix, and so far I am happy. I don’t keep everything, but am slowly building my wardrobe.Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Nancy! Outfit one was cute, but I couldn’t have worn it to work without the cardigan because the shirt was short sleeves. My office is CHILLY and also I keep my arm tattoos covered at work. =) I’m so glad you’re enjoying Stitch Fix!

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