Handy Holiday Gift Guide: Something for Everyone

I am the first to admit that buying gifts can be pretty darn difficult. In fact, I’m one of the worst people to buy for, because if I fall in love with something I just go out and get it for myself.

Which is super annoying to my husband when he asks what I want each year for Christmas.

Then you get the total half-assed gifts that you know are a safe bet. Maybe you even have a few in your closet right now just in case something comes up and you need a last minute present. Yeah, that’s right. The EASY trio: a pretty candle, some cute bottles of hand soap/lotion, and a bottle of wine.

Yup, I’ve been there.

And I’ll be there again in a few weeks… because this is the time of year that I always get totally stumped on what to buy.

This year I decided to look back on every single product or service I wrote about in the last 12 months or so and I picked my absolute favorites. Go ahead, use it as a cheat sheet for making up your holiday shopping list!

Pocketful of Joules Handy Holiday Gift Guide

For the Goofball: Thug Life Shirts {Find them here}
You can’t get any better than the selection over at Thug Life T-shirts (check out my review here). The shirts are super soft, generously sized and pretty darn hilarious. I own 5 myself… so far. Quickie link for a promo code: use POCKETFULOFJOULES15 at the checkout to get 15% off your order.

For the Bookworm: Kindle Unlimited {Find it here}
I started my Kindle Unlimited subscription back in May and it is still going strong. For the reader in your life, nothing is more exciting than UNLIMITED books for their Kindle. {swoon} You can read my review here.

For the Clotheshorse: Stitch Fix {Find them here}
Did you know that Stitch Fix has gift cards? You can go the super reasonable route and spend $20 to cover someone’s styling fee, or you can go big and get any amount you’d like! They also have a few different delivery options: by mail, by email or print-at-home… so even if you are running out the door in 5 minutes you can still throw together a pretty awesome gift! You can check out all 26 of my Stitch Fix reviews here.

For the Spa Lover: Red Door SpaPocketful of Joules - Arden Facial {Find them here}
If you’ve got a spa lover on your hands, you can’t go wrong with a Red Door Spa gift card or service appointment. I have had the pleasure of trying a few of their decadent services and can highly recommend the Brandied Pear and Marshmallow Body Melt Treatment, the Arden Standard Facial and the Watermelon Basiltini Pedicure. Right now they are offering Bonus Spa Dollars with every $100 gift card purchased from November 3 until December 25. You can click here to find out more information.

For the Amateur Chef: Hello Fresh {Find them here}
We’ve been using Hello Fresh’s food delivery service for about a year and we still love it! You can check out my first review here. We end up ordering a box about once a month or so, based on our availability and the recipes (you can check them out before your box ships to decide if you want to skip that week’s order). Here are some of my favorite tips for getting the most out of your subscription. You can purchase a gift card off their website for either a Classic Box ($79 for 2 people) or a Veggie Box ($69 for 2 people) and they will even give you a cute pdf that you can print off when giving your gift! Quickie link for a promo code: use ETXYKD at the checkout to get $40 off your first box.

Ninja 2For the Kitchen Gadget Fiend: The Nutra Ninja Auto IQ {Find it here}
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE MY NINJA! I’ve been using this bad boy almost every single morning since it arrived on my doorstep for my Beachbody shakes and at this point it’s like a noisy member of the family. You can read my review here. It comes with a bazillion attachments and even a recipe book, so if you know someone who loves kitchen gadgets this may totally rock their world!

For the Clean Freak: Shark Rocket Powerhead {Find it here}
If you know someone looking for a light-weight vacuum to do quickie trips around the house, you might want to make their day by giving them the Shark Rocket Powerhead. Pro Tip: Do NOT give a vacuum to your spouse for Christmas though unless they expressly asked for one. Check out my full review here.

For the Kid Who Loves Getting Mail: Koala Crate Subscription Box {Find it here}
We’ve been getting Koala Crate, a craft subscription box specially designed for kids ages 3 – 4, since August and Jack loves coming home to a yellow package JUST FOR HIM! Each month the crate has a different theme with 3 different projects for your child to do (with your help). snake 2

Click through for the August “Gardening” Crate review and the September “Reptiles” Crate review. A subscription costs $19.95 per month, or if you purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription the price goes down a bit. I can tell you that I would absolutely love it if I could get family members on board to give Jack a subscription for Christmas. I’d so much rather spend time with him on projects and learning about different themes than get yet another cheap plastic toy that he plays with for 5 minutes! Quickie link for a promo code: use this link to get $10 off.

For the Gal who Likes Surprises: The FabFitFun Subscription Box {Find it here}
I’ve tried a bunch of different subscription boxes, but this quarterly box from FabFitFun consistently surprises me with the most interesting mix of stuff. You can check out my Summer box review and my Fall box review. Quickie link for a promo code: Click through here to get $10 off your first box order.

For the Coffee Lover: The Ninja Coffee Bar {Find it here}
I just posted a review for the Ninja Coffee Bar last week, but we’ve been fans of it for a couple months now. It’s a fantastic gadget that allows you to make a ton of different drinks from rich hot coffee, to an iced brew or even your very own pumpkin spice latte! Check out my full review here.

Super Awesome BONUS Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Sweater Shaver: It’s a SHAVER for your SWEATERS… what’s not to love? Check it out here.

Jamberry Wraps: It seems like everyone is curious about Jamberry wraps, so get a couple sets to have ready to give away. While you are there, you might want to order a couple for yourself too. And me. Just saying. You can see my full review here.

Boot Straps: This is one of those inventions that I didn’t know was even a thing… but once you have them you can’t see how you lived without them! You can check out my review here, in my Boot Straps = Awesome post.

Is there something on the list that you’ll be adding to your wishlist?


Disclosure: I received some of these items for free to review on my blog. All thoughts, opinions and whether I decided to recommend them to you in this snazzy holiday gift post are totally mine! Some of the promo codes in this post are also referral links that may earn me money or products. That is TOTALLY not why I recommended them… I just thought it might make your life easier to save a little moola!

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  1. This is great. Also, I think of you every time I use boot straps because I got the idea from you and they ARE awesome!

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